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  1. (273.90) Javier Fernandez (ESP)
  2. (271.08) Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN)
  3. (267.72) Dennis Ten (KAZ)
  4. (248.29) Jason Brown (USA)
  5. (242.59) Nam Nguyen (CAN)
  6. (234.89) Misha Ge (UZB)

          Personal Best Score


  1. (95.20) Yuzuru Hanyu
  2. (92.74) Javier Fernandez
  3. (85.89) Dennis Ten

Over 17,000 cheering fans, hundreds waving Japanese flags, welcomed Yuzuru Hanyu to the 2015 World Championships. The reigning Olympic gold medalist was sidelined in late December with major abdominal surgery. After the skate, spectators flooded the ice with stuffed animals reminiscent of the Michelle Kwan days.

“After the surgery I was away from the rink for over a month and a half.” Hanyu said. When I started practice I rushed myself, and I sprained my ankle; I missed another two weeks. I was anxious because I really wanted to come to Worlds.”

The 3A out-of-step work and the 3Lz+3T combination, both after the mid-mark, highlighted the Chopin ballade and scored over 23 total points. Hanyu won his first World’s short program in four appearances.

‘This is my first small gold medal that I won at Worlds [in the short program] so I’m happy,” Hanyu smiled. *

Javier Fernandez opened his second place short program with a spectacular 4S that earned 12.64 point and followed up with a 3Lz+3T worth 10.80. The reining GPF silver medalist was pleased with his performance, but disappointed with the score.

“We were expecting a little bit more because in another competition I did this program with a triple-double and today I did a triple-triple, and it [the other program] got a higher score. With a clean program we were expecting a little bit more than 92,” said Fernandez.

Dennis Ten had a music-adjustment problem that delayed the opening of his program. The incident could have led to his difficulty with the jumping passes. He fell on the 4S and struggled with the 3Lz+3T combination. The spins and footwork earned Level4. The score was almost 12 points lower than his personal best earned at the 2015 Four Continents.

“It’s a pity about the false start of the music – it distracted me a bit, but it was an experience, and I learned from it,” Tan said. “I did mistakes that I didn’t do in practice. That was a surprise.”

* Small medals are awarded to the top three in each segment of ISU International championships.


  1. (181.83) Dennis Ten
  2. (181.16) Javier Fernandez
  3. (175.88) Yuzuru Hanyu

Javier Fernandez placed 2nd in both the short and free programs, but won the gold medal with the highest total points. The reining European champion landed two of his three planned quads, one in combination that earned 14.69 points.

Hanyu cheered his training partner on from the Kiss and Cry where he made a bold call. “I predict that Javier will win the title, and I’m really happy for him.”

Fernandez animated his way through The Barber of Seville program choreographed by David Wilson and won the first World title for Spain, a country not rich in figure skating tradition.

The Toronto-based skater addressed that fact later at the press conference. “The first rink I skated on was not bigger than this room, and now is a restaurant. I watched competitions on TV, then I never took the skates off.”

Yuzuru Hanyu used The Phantom of the Opera music to navigate through seven clean triples, including two combinations – 3A+3T and 3A+1Lo+3S – that earned over 31 points. The three spins and footwork earned Level4. The fall on the 4T and doubling the planned 4S lost him valuable points.

Similar to the short programs, the spectators rallied support for their favorites. They came armed with huge and small stuffed animals to throw and flags to wave.

“As I had a few mistakes, I feel really regretful. The crowd reaction was excellent, and I felt as if I was skating at home,” Hanyu commented.

Dennis Ten won the free skate that included the highest scoring combination – 4T+3T, worth 16.11 points. He used Lori Nichol’s choreography to show off his technical skills that also included six clean triples plus Level4 spins and footwork. He remained in 3rd place with the bronze medal.

At the post-event press conference, the Kazakhstan native discussed how he and Fernandez shared similar early skating challenges.

“Javier is doing so much for figure skating in Spain, and I do the same in my country. When I started to skate there was no ice rink in my country. I skated on an outdoor rink.”

Ten now trains in Southern California, USA with Frank Carroll and Fernandez is based in Toronto, Canada with 1988 Olympic silver medalist, Brian Orser.



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