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  1. (74.47) Madison Chock+Evan Bates
  2. (72.68) Kaitlyn Weaver+Andrew Poje
  3. (72.39) Anna Cappellini+Luca Lanotte
  4. (71.94) Gabriella Papadakis+Guillaume Cizeron

FREE DANCE:                                                                              

  1. (112.34) Gabriella Papadakis+Guillaume Cizeron
  2. (106.87) Madison Chock+Evan Bates)
  3. (106.34) Kaitlyn Weaver+Andrew Poje
  4. (105.11) Anna Cappellini+Luca Lanotte                       


  1. (184.28) Gabriella Papadakis+Guillaume Cizeron (FRA)
  2. (181.34) Madison Chock+Evan Bates (USA)
  3. (179.42) Kaitlyn Weaver+Andrew Poje (CAN)
  4. (177.50) Anna Cappellini+Luca Lanotte (ITA)
  5. (172.03) Maia Shibutani+Alex Shibutani (USA)
  6. (165.22) Piper Gilles+Paul Poirier (CAN

          Personal Best Score


Papadakis+Cizeron and their coach, Romaine Haguenauer, made a bold move last summer and relocated to Montreal, Canada. Together they found gold and the top spot on the 2015 Worlds’ podium.

In an interview for Absolute Skating, Cizeron commented on their new environment in Montreal. “Basically everything changed. We skate more, and we take dance classes; the approach is a lot more professional. We put our careers first and stopped going to school. So there is a big difference.”

The European champions were in 4th place entering the Free Dance.

“After the Short Dance, we were a little disappointed, so it gave us a little strength,” said Papadakis. “We had nothing to lose; we just were very determined,” Cizeron added.

The team floated across the ice seamlessly performing Level4 spins, lifts, twizzles and a circular step sequence while earning all but three +2 and +3 GOE marks. The softly passionate program was inspired by the ballet Le Parc, set to a Mozart’s Adagio and choreographed by Marie-France Dubreuill. The judges rewarded their performance, interpretation and choreography with four perfect-10 component marks. Their total score was 5.47 points above the silver medalists.

Papadakis+Cizeron placed 13th at last year’s Worlds in Japan. However, 2014-15 has been a storybook season with gold medal victories at two Grand Prix events and bronze at the Final before winning Europeans.

“Our goal at the beginning of the season was the top 10 at Worlds, so we were very surprised at each competition about the growing number of points we got,” commented Cizeron.

They were visibly shocked when the scores were announced.

“It’s like a dream. We cried when the scores came up, and we saw our placement. I have no words right now,” Cizeron said in the Kiss and Cry.

Chock+Bates slipped to 2nd after finishing 1st in the Short Dance. Their interpretation of An American in Paris showed great speed and excellent command of the ice. The lifts and spins earned Level4; the rotational lift received all +3 GOE marks from the judges. Unfortunately, the US champions lost points with the Level3 footwork and twizzles.

“It was a great performance,” Chock said. “I did have a slight bobble on the twizzle, but as soon as I finished that first twizzle I was snapping out of it. I told myself, that this is not how this program is going to go, and you’re going to fight for it.“

Bates added, “This season as a whole has been a massive success for us. This week especially was the icing on the cake. We are very proud of ourselves.”

Weaver+Poje also moved down a notch from 2nd in the Short Dance to the bronze medal. The GPF and Four Continents champions seemed a bit tentative and were zapped for an extended lift. The judges nibbled off points here and there resulting in a lower score than previously received.

They entered the competition undefeated this season and the favorites. In the Kiss and Cry Weaver had her fingers crossed and then shook her head in disapproval when the marks were announced.

“We went out there and gave it all that we had,” said Poje in a media release. “We are a little disappointed with our score because we were aiming for another gold, but we are pleased with ourselves and with the way we skated.”

“It just makes us hungrier to work even harder and peak at the right time and make sure the next four years are ours.” Weaver added

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