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  1. (76.98) Meagan Duhamel+Eric Radford
  2. (72.59) Quing Pang+Jian Tong
  3. (71.63) Wenjing Sui+Cong Han


  1. (144.55) Meagan Duhamel+Eric Radford
  2. (142.49) Wenjing Sui+Cong Han
  3. (140.18) Quing Pang+Jian Tong


  1. (221.53) Meagan Duhamel+Eric Radford (CAN)
  2. (214.12) Wenjing Sui+Cong Han (CHN)
  3. (212.77) Quing Pang+Jian Tong (CHN)
  4. (206.63) Chen Peng+Hao Zhang (CHN)
  5. (198.91) Yuko Kavaguti+Alexander Smirnov (RUS)
  6. (198.46) Evgenia Tarasova+Vladimir Morozov (RUS)

     Personal Best Score

Duhamel+ Radford (CAN) skated to center ice and waited for their Muse program music to begin. The couple easily cruised through their elements, including the most difficult jump in the competition the s-b-s 3Lz and a spectacular triple throw Lutz. Duhamel’s hand did touch the ice on the 4STh, and Radford teetered on a camel spin. Otherwise, the GOE marks were mostly +2 and +3. The score was 1.67 less than their GPF personal best, and the performance drew a comment from Duhamel.

“We did not have a perfect skate today, but we fought until the very end.  When the music stopped, we were proud of ourselves, and that was our goal.”

Sui+ Han (CHN) earned the highest technical score of the pair’s event – 73.92 points with a powerful interpretation of a Tchaikovsky symphonic poem choreographed by David Wilson.

The silver medalists were worried about their position in the draw and skating in front of the enthusiastic Chinese home audience.

Sui noted, “We felt a lot of pressure in this competition, and we skated last. In the end we overcame the pressure, and it was a fantastic experience.”

The three-time World Junior champions did not hide their emotions.

Sui Wenjing was excited and crying, and it is natural for me to comfort her. She was still crying in the interview with CCTV, and I also cried, because we achieved a lot, and we went through a lot,” Han told the press.

Pang+Tong (CHN) were sentimental favorites. The veteran team had competed in sixteen World Championships, but this was their first in China. They had come out of retirement for ‘one shining moment’.

“We didn’t come back for the gold,” Tong had admitted in an earlier interview. “We came back for our fans and for figure skating in China.”

Pang had previously revealed how difficult it was to train.

“We didn’t expect it would be that hard,” she admitted, “and we didn’t expect Jian’s knee injury to get worse. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, our decision [to return] and our condition being questioned.”

Their bronze medal free program, choreographed by Nikolai Morozov, was highlighted by a huge 3STh that received all +3 GOE marks. The only mishap was when Tong singled the second Axel in the 2A+2A combination. The home audience roared their approval from opening to closing pose. The final curtain call between fans and skaters arrived too quickly.

“We are so glad to have made the decision to come back to skate on our home ice and feel the passion from the audience,” said Tong. “This is the last time that we competed. I didn’t want it to happen so soon, but it is time to say goodbye.”

The US Champions, Alexa Scimeca+Chris Knierim were 7th across the board, which is up two notches from their 2013 9th place final standing. Their Level3 quad twist earned five +2 and +3 GOE scores, but also a -1 GOE from one judge.


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