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                                                     INGO STEUER TAKES OVER THE REINS

Haven Denney+Brandon Frazier, 2015 US Pairs silver medalists, have officially made a clean cut with their coaches of the past two-years, John Zimmerman and Sylvia Fontana.

Ingo Steuer, * who joined the Coral Springs, Florida team last summer, is now their primary coach.

Steuer guided Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy of Germany to five World championships and two Olympic bronze medals.

“Ingo knows how to train teams mentally and physically; he’s good at what he does. Having him here opened our eyes to where we want our skating to be in the future,” explained Denney at a Worlds’ Media teleconference.

“I see the future of pair skating as big tricks like the Russians and Chinese do combined with great component skills. We think Ingo can maximize both,” noted Frazier.

The team has not discussed plans to relocate to a new training facility.

“It hasn’t crossed our minds. Everyone has handled the change very respectfully – as good as they could. It’s running smoothly with no problems, so we can train in peace,” said Frazier.

Next week, the team makes its World’s debut in Shanghai, China.

The 2013 Junior World Champions have put in several weeks of solid training to earn the maximum Level4 technical scores in their SP footwork, spin, and death spiral. In the FP, they want to show their power and strength.

“We’re in the best place we can be,” said a confident Frazier.


* Ingo Steuer+Mandy Wotzel (GER) are 1997 World Pairs Champions.

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