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2015 JUNIOR WORLDS: A Look Back at the Men

Tallinn, Estonia, a picturesque city overlooking the Sea of Finland, rolled out its red carpet for the 2015 World Junior Championships March 2-8. The competitions were held at the new and contemporary Tondiraba Ice Arena.


(1) Shoma Uno (JPN) chose a Beethoven Sonata as background for his well-executed, high scoring program. He glided across the ice creating a seamless image of intertwining elements, while also allowing each to be appreciated as a single movement.

“I think I achieved one of my best performances today, and I hope to do the same tomorrow in the free program,” the teenager told the Press.

The Japanese National silver medalist recently competed at Four Continents as a senior where the jump requirements are different. He expressed strong feelings about switching back to the junior short program.

“I hate the triple Lutz. I prefer to do the Quad (Toe) in the short program.”

(2) Adian Pitkeev (RUS) placed 2nd with his interpretation of Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.

The Moscow teenager opened with an excellent 3Lz, followed by a strong 3A and a neutralized 3Lo+3T combination. He struggled with his combination and flying camel spins earning negative and zero GOE marks.

“I feel good about my performance. I did everything except for the final spin. I want to skate clean for the free skate,” he commented. 

Pitkeev also shared his thought on switching back to a short program without a quad.

“It is psychologically easier for me to skate with the quad because it’s the most important element, and it comes first in the program.”

(3) Alexander Petrov (RUS) opened his “El Conquistador” program with a 3A, then followed with a negative scored 3F+3T combination that had an edge question. Two spins were Level4, and the footwork was Level3.

“Obviously there were some mistakes, and I hope I can fix them for tomorrow, but overall it wasn’t bad,” noted Petrov.

The St. Petersburg teen answered questions about leaving the ice prior to the finish of the warm-up.

‘I felt like I had prepared everything as I needed, and I decided to get off the ice to prepare for the performance. It’s not the first time I’ve done this in competition; it is already a habit.

The men skated “Apple Cart Turn Over” in the free programs, and the final placements were quite different from the short.

Shomo Uno completed seven clean triples, but gave away 14.58 base points with the downgraded quad, the under rotated 3A in the combination, and a 2T instead of a 3T in the Flip combination. The technical score of 71.33 was almost twenty points under his JGPF gold medal performance.

The Don Juan de Marco presentation earned a second place score, but his eight-point lead from the short program was enough to give Uno a slim victory.

The teenager from Nagoya will skate in all senior events next season. He shared his thoughts on what it will take to achieve success.

“It is necessary for me to work on both the artistic and technical part, but I think to brush up my artistic side is the most important.” He then added, “It is also important to get more consistency in my jumps.”

Boyang Jin (CHN) jumped from 5th to 2nd and won the free with a personal best 156.85 in the most ambitious skate of the event. The three-quad program earned 90.81 technical points, with over half those points and six of the seven clean triples scored after the mid-mark.

The powerful performance to “Dragon Racing”, choreographed by Justin Dillon, displayed superior jumping skills, but lacked an artistic style. The 2013 JGPF champion’s component mark ranked 8th and scored ten points behind Uno.

“Next year I want to improve my skating and performance skills and my programs in general. I also need to be more consistent with my jumps,” explained Jin.

Sota Yamamoto (JPN) vaulted from 7th to 3rd. with a skate to “Lorelei” that included five clean triples. He opened with a 3A+2T, followed by a single 3A. The remaining triples were a 3T, 3F, 3S, and 3Lo. The two triple Lutz jumps were called for unclear edges. The three spins and footwork were Level4.

The 2014 JGPF silver medalist was the only man in the top five not to attempt a quad jump.

“This season I started to do the triple Axel in my programs. Next year I want to include a quad. I also want to brush up the presentation part,” he noted.

4th Nathan Chen (USA), the 2014 World Junior bronze medalist placed 9th in the short, but moved up with a 4th place free program. He has had a heel injury since before US Nationals.

5th Adian Pitkeev (RUS) slipped from 2nd to 5th.

6th Alexander Petrov (RUS) dropped from 3rd to 6th.

US Junior Champion, Andrew Torgashev, placed 6th in the free program, but finished 10th, less than a point out of 7th. His component score was the third highest of the men (70.00).

                                                                                 ICE CHIPS

  • In 2015 Boyang Jin competed at his third World Junior Championship and won his first medal – silver.
  •  Five of the top ten finishers have competed internationally as seniors: Kim, Petrov, Pitkeev, Samohin, and Uno.
  • The following countries will send three (3) men to the 2016 World Junior Championships:   Japan      Russia
  • The following countries will send two (2) men to the 2016 World Junior Championships:    China      Israel     Latvia     Korea     USA




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