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Duhamel and Radford undefeated in Seoul


Meagan Duhamel+Eric Radford took a commanding lead followed by the Chinese teams Cheng Peng+Hao Zhang and Wenjing Sui+Cong Han. Qing Pang+Jian Tong (CHN), who retired after the 2014 Olympics, returned to claim 4th place. Alexa Scimeca+Chris Knierim (USA) and Lubov Iliushechkina+Dylan Moscovitch (CAN) were 5th and 6th.



Meagan Duhamel+Eric Radford won their fourth 2014-15 International gold medal. The only flaw in their fast moving, powerful performance to a Muse medley was their struggle with the s-b-s triple Lutz.

“We’re very proud of our effort here,” said Duhamel. “The highlight was landing the throw quad after we had a small mistake on the 3Lz. That took a lot of mental strength from us.”

“I’m really proud how we handled the pressure,” added Radford. “We kept it together and still executed a strong performance. What I’m most excited about is we had such a strong score here.”

China placed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

Cheng Peng+Hao Zhang opened with a massive quad twist that received 10.67 points, but then Peng fell on the s-b-s 2A and only did a single toe loop in the combination jump.

The silver medalists were third in the free program, but earned a personal best 131.64 points for the D. Shostakovich Piano Trio No. 2 in E minor program.

“Our program has evolved a lot since the beginning of the season. We have prepared very well because we want to be ready for the first World Championships to be held next month in China,” said Zhang.

Peng added, “At the World Championships, our goal is to skate two perfect programs.

Qing Pang+Jian Tong (CHN) vaulted on to the podium with a second place free skate to Andre Bocelli’s “lo Ci Saro”. The five time Four Continents Champions gracefully maneuvered the elements through the choreography with intricacy and detail using musical crescendos to accent their movements.

Pang+Tong won the bronze medal one year from the day they retired – February 14, 2014. They explained the reason for their return to competition.

“We came back because this year the World Championships are in China. Four Continents is a good practice for our last competition in Shanghai. I think it will be our last competition,” said Tong.

“Of course we want to skate the best we can, but the score is not so important. We want to skate for the skating fans and want them to enjoy our performance,” added Pang.

The skating fans did enjoy the beautiful performance by the thirty five year olds and rewarded them with a loud standing ovation.

Wenjing Sui+Cong Han slipped to 4th after performing to Tchaikovsky. The opening quad twist was massive, but Sui later 2-footed the 3S, breaking the rhythm of the choreography. The reining Four Continents champions received no Level/no points for their pair combination spin.

The diminutive duo sped across the ice challenging the heavy music with precision and excellence, but was unable to catch up after the early errors.

After their skate, Sui commented, “I think we put out almost our best. There was one little error on the solo jump. Maybe I was a little too slow going in. We’ll work on that before Worlds.”

Sui+Han missed the podium by 1.11 points.

Alexa Scimeca+Chris Knierim (USA) remained in 5th place followed by Lubov Iliushechkina+Dylan Moscovitch (CAN)


  • Four of the top five teams attempted a quad element – 3 quad twists / 1 quad throw. At Europeans, the pairs did only one quad throw.
  • Qing Pang+Jian Tong (CHN) competed in the 1st 4 Continents in 1999.

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