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Elizaveta Tuktamysheva skated her seven clean triples in and out of the haunting Middle Eastern sounds of “Batwannis Beek + “Sandstorm”.  She guided the audience on a magic carpet ride through intricate choreography like a weaver of fine threads. The audience exploded with appreciation as she took her final pose.

(On her range of emotion) “We have worked with that a lot throughout the season. I want to show different emotions so it doesn’t get boring for the judges or spectators’” she laughed.

(On three Russian ladies on the podium) “It is amazing!  We have already discussed it amongst ourselves, and we are all very pleased and hope to repeat it at World Championships,” said the gold medalist.

(On the future of her triple Axel) “It’s a very complicated jump emotionally, mentally, and physically. Since the start of the year it has become more consistent. I just need to keep practicing it under competitive conditions to make it ready for competition, and then I can include it in my program.”

Rachmaninov Piano Concertos played in the background as Elena Radionova circled the ice gathering technical points with one element after the other. Her opening difficult combinations – 2Lz+3T – 3Lo+2T – 3Lo+1Lo+3S – earned 30.70 points. She completed seven clean triples and the three spins were Level4.

“Today I was very happy with my performance. It was my debut at European Championships.  It was very successful; I skated ideally in both programs so I’m happy with everything,” smiled the sixteen-year old.

(On her choice of music for the SP) “We watched a video where Jennifer Lopez was dancing with a Spanish dancer called Cortes, so we got the idea to do a Spanish dance to Jennifer Lopez. This is the first year we can skate to music with lyrics, and I thought it was a good idea. I liked it right away. It’s original and fun to skate to.”

Anna Pogorilaya’s bright red costume signaled the Firebird Ballet Suite music to begin as she opened the program with a 3Lz+3T and 3Lo+1Lo+3S that earned 21.30 points.  She completed another combination – 3Lo+2T, but struggled with the solo triple Flip and Lutz.

(On her performance) “The beginning was good, but then maybe I was tired and didn’t pull myself together enough, but I had mixed success.”

(On matching her music to her skating style) “I don’t know whether I have found my style yet. When you hear music, you know immediately the right one for you. When I heard the “Mermaids” music (FP 2013-14) I loved it straight away. When my coach said it was from Pirates of the Caribbean I loved it even more.”

Joshi Helgesson used Snow White and the Huntsmen for her free program skated before an enthusiastic home country audience. Her opening 3Lz+2T and 3T were done with ease and perfection. Unfortunately, she struggled with the ensuing jump passes, while completing only three clean triples. Her four spins were Level4.

“It feels unbelievable; I could never expect to skate like this. I think I could hear all my friends screaming while I was skating,” smiled Helegesson.

Viktoria Helgesson, the older of the Swedish skating sisters, chose the Sunset Boulevard soundtrack for her free program. The spins and step sequence were Level4. The only clean triples were an opening 3Lo+2A+SEQ and a solo 3Lo. She had a fall on the 3T.

“I’m really happy with how it went. Just my leg ‘died’ after my fall, and it was a bit hard to breathe. That’s why I had some problems in the end,” said the older sister.


  • Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, her husband, and daughter attended the Ladies’ Free Skates.
  • The attendance for the Ladies Free Program was 8,000 – the largest of the week.
  • Russian ladies swept the European’s podium for first time since 2002 when (1) Maria Butyrskaya, (2) Irina Slutskaya and (3) Viktoria Volchkova did it.
  • Elena Radionova was the first female skater to win back-to-back Junior World Championships – 2012 and 2013.
  • The host country of Sweden had two ladies skate in the last group – the Helgesson sisters. Joshi took 4th and Viktoria placed 5th.
  • Tuktamisheva playfully suggested a Russian podium sweep at Worlds.  “It’s all in our hands!”
  • Sweden sends only one female single skater to Worlds.  Which Helgesson sister will get the nod?

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