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  1. Ashley Wagner (221.020
  2. Gracie Gold (205.54)
  3. Karen Chen (199.79)
  4. Polina Edmunds (192.62)

Ashley Wagner performed a seven triple jump program including a 3Lz+3T and 3Lo+1Lo+3S, to reclaim her title, then brashly told her critics to eat their words.

This one of my three titles tastes the sweetest,” Wagner said. “This is the one that means the most to me, because this one shows every single person that doubts me, every single person that says I’m too old, every single person that says I’m not capable of being a leading lady — this shows them that they need to shut their mouths and watch me skate.”

Last year in Boston, the USFSA Olympic selection committee chose the 4th place Wagner over bronze medalist, Mirai Nagasu. Controversy flew around the TD Garden faster than hockey pucks at a Bruins goalie.

The negative chatter continued when Wagner only placed 7th in Sochi. They resumed again when she started the 2014-15 Grand Prix season without a triple-triple in her arsenal.

The 23 year-old knew she needed to lose the wrong edge “flutz” and develop a clean 3Lz+3T combination in order to compete against the young Russian “baby ballerinas”.

At the Grand Prix Final she did the 3F+3T in both the short and free programs.  She also attempted the 3Lo+1Lo+3S.

In Barcelona, Wagner told journalists at a Press Conference,  “I feel like I’m going to be a late bloomer in this sport.”

After the victory in Greensboro, she was pleased with her skate, but ready to return to California to work hard, so Wagner withdrew from her Four Continents team assignment.

“After further consideration, my coaches and I have decided to focus on my training for the World Championships,” Wagner said. “The U.S. Championships were a great event for me but were also physically and mentally taxing and I feel that the extra training time will benefit me going into Worlds.”

Gracie Gold, the 2014 US Ladies Champion, fell 5 points behind Wagner after the short program where she only did a 3Lz+2T combination followed by the lower scoring 3Lo for her single jump. Her camel spin was reviewed and lowered from a Level4 to a Level3.

In the free skate, Gold opened The Phantom of the Opera program with a gorgeous 3Lz+3T and followed with a 2A+3T, and 3Lo totaling almost 26 points. Two spins and the step sequence were Level4. Unfortunately, she fell on the 3F, which was after the mid mark and scored only 1.42 points.

The Frank Carroll trained student evaluated her skate.

“That was a great, great long program, and I’m happy with my score.”

She added, “We still have some work to do before Four Continents and Worlds, but we’ll get there.”

Karen Chen won the bronze medal in her senior debut. The fifteen-year- old pixie (4 ft-10 in) executed 4 clean triples to the powerful music of The Godfather Suite. Her technical score was second behind Wagner.

Chen skated internationally in the 2014 Junior Grand Prix, where she placed 3rd and 2nd and was the first alternate to the Final in Barcelona.

Last season, while practicing the 3Lz, she sustained a type three-tibia fracture in her right ankle. Chen spent four weeks on crutches and resumed training in mid-December, 2013. She withdrew from the junior event at the 2014 U.S. Championships after placing fifth in the short program.

Before stepping on the ice, her coach, Tammy Gambill, gave her some words of advice.

“She told me to breath and make sure my Lutz was perfect.  I feel like I did my best on that.”

“In the past competitions I’ve been really worried about my foot, but I just wanted to show that I’m back to normal, and this is what I’m capable of and I should continue to improve,” Chen concluded.

Polina Edmunds’s free skate choreographed by Rudy Galindo to “Tinker Bell” and “Fairy Dance” from Peter Pan placed third.  She was 4th overall.

The 2014 silver medalist opened with a 3Lz+3T and 3F+1Lo+3S that earned 21.30 points. Edmunds fell on her 3Lz and had two edge alert calls.

“I’m ok with everything that happened. I pretty much fought for everything in the second half of the program. Even though I fell, I got up and continued the program and showed my fighting spirit to land the jumps.  I’m pretty happy with that,” said the San Jose, California native.

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