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“It was a great performance for myself. I was really excited and also a little bit nervous before I stepped onto the ice because Jeremy skated before me. Everyone was standing up. I am really happy pushed through and was able to show everyone my full potential.”

“To skate well in front of a Canadian audience is really cool. People say that I am the next Patrick Chan. It is a really big honour for them to call me that.”



“There is pressure coming in as number one. But, I am also more excited. I have more confidence so it’s kind of like a mix. The pressure comes with all of the excitement, adrenaline and the confidence. So, I am actually kind of happy. I feel ready for this competition. I just feel so excited to be here. Coming into this competition as the number one girl, just puts so much more confidence in me. You can really see on the ice that I am enjoying myself. It’s just a pleasure to skate, especially in Kingston where it’s not really close to me, but it is not that far. To skate in front of Canada, it’s not really pressure it’s more exciting.”

“This season I have been a lot more confident from the Olympics.


“I was so proud of myself. The crowd was amazing here. My friends, my family, everyone was just so supportive this weekend.”

“I gave it everything that I got and it paid off in the end.”


Meagan: “It was the best we have done this year. But, as evidenced, we can still do better. We want to leave something for worlds. The program itself is growing and every day at home we’re able to improve upon ourselves not just in competition and we did a lot of good run-throughs before we came here of the long program so we were feeling really confident.”

Eric: “We always have a little bit of an idea of where our score could be. We don’t really concentrate on that specific aspect as much as we used to. So when we have a good skate, we kind of expect a good number.”


On winning their first Canadian ice dance title:

Kaitlyn: “It’s incredible. We planned for this. We had the goal of being champions but now that it’s here it means so much more than any other gold medal that we have won this year.”

Andrew: “I think that it was definitely one of our most nerve-racking competitions even though we knew that we could achieve it if we put two solid performances down. We were nervous because we really wanted this and it was important to us.”

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