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  1. Madison Chock+Evan Bates (185.06)
  2. Maia Shibutani+Alex Shibutani (181.31)
  3. Madison Hubbell+Zack Donohoe (164.74)
  4. Kaitlin Hawayek+Jean Luc Baker (162.45)

In Greensboro, the US crowned a new ice dance champion for the first time since 2009 when the baton was passed from Tanith Belbin+Ben Agosto to Meryl Davis+Charlie White.

“Filling those shoes is such a daunting task that we don’t really put it upon ourselves. We are Madie (Chock) and Evan (Bates). We won one national championship, and we’re very ecstatic about it, but that’s no legacy. We’re just happy to have won,” commented Bates.

At the end of the Short Dance, the top two teams were separated by only .11, which meant the Free skate was a “do or die” situation for them both.

Chock+Bates opened their modern interpretation of An American in Paris with a dramatic Straight Line lift, then danced and twizzled their way to the top of the podium with 111.11 points and 186.06 total.

Maia Shibutani+Alex Shibutani won silver with 107.47 points, but were awarded the frequent flyer gold for the most miles traveled to international competitions this season – two Challenger Series in Europe (1st at both) – Skate America (2nd), Cup of China (2nd)  – Grand Prix Final (4th)

“This has been a different season for us; we’ve competed so many times already. We were looking to take everything we learned from our performances so far in to the US Championships,” said Alex.

That included adjusting the Strauss waltz program.

“We made a lot of changes and a lot of improvements since the GPF in December,” he added.

The Shibutani’s were pleased with how they skated in Greensboro.

“Today was definitely our best performance of the season,” proclaimed Maia Shibutani.

However, they are not satisfied and have their eyes set on a higher prize at Worlds in Shanghai, China.

“At 2011 Worlds in our first year as seniors, we were so pleased when we won bronze. We are trying to get back there, not necessarily to the bronze, but to the top. We know we are headed in the right direction,” proclaimed Alex, the U of Michigan Wolverine.

Madison Hubbell+Zachary Donohoe struggled with their edgy and contemporary performance to the Great Gatsby soundtrack.

“This wasn’t quite the dream we had when you think of skating well, but back in August when I wasn’t 100% and unable to skate, our goal was to be here, and we made that goal,” commented Hubbell.

Ten months ago, Hubbell underwent hip surgery, and it’s been a slow recovery process.

“This season we’ve kept our composure through everything, so nobody really understands how difficult it was not only physically, but mentally.”

“This competition has been really great to just go back to the old Madi who is confident and has fun out there performing for everyone.”

They were the only podium team not to open with a lift, but instead chose a combination spin, which earned a Level4.

Donohoe commented on their music choice, “We’re trying to bring some different perspective to the sport.”

Hawayek+Baker are 2014 World Junior Champions and training partners of Hubbell+Donohoe. They are considered a relatively new team having been together only 2.5 years.

Baker evaluated their skate. “It was a good score, decent; we are quite happy with it, but know we can do better, but as first year seniors, we can’t complain.”

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