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Florent Amodio, Mae Berenice Meite and Vanesa James+Morgan Cipres all stood atop the podium for the second straight year. They will compete next at Europeans in Stockholm, Sweden.


  1. Florent Amodia (214.73) – 4th French Championship
  2. Romain Ponsart (209.45) – Missed 2013-14 due to injury
  3. Chafik Besseghier (197.72) – Also trains in Colorado Springs, USA


  1. Mae Berenice Meite (163.14) – 2nd straight French Championship
  2. Laurine Lecavelier (148.42) – 3-time French podium
  3. Lea Serna (148.12) – Fifteen year old Junior GP competitor


  1. Vanesa James+Morgan Cipres (171.52) – 3rd French Championship
  2. Daria Popova+Andrei Novoselov (134.21) – New team 2014


France has a rich history of colorful ice dancing medalists ranging from Isabelle+Paul Duchesnay, Anissina+Peizerat, Delobel+Schoenfelder, and Pechalat+Bourzat. In the fall of 2014, a young exciting team burst on the scene and immediately made headlines with two Grand Prix gold medals. 

Gabriella Papadakis+Guillaume Cizeron, reigning GPF bronze medalists, added the National Championship title to their growing resume with a 181.23 total score, 65 points above their nearest competitors. The twizzles, spin, and lifts were Level4, with the Step Sequences Level3. The Component scores were one 8, two 10’s, and the rest 9’s.

Marie-Jade Lauriault+Romain Le Gac (116.55) is a new partnership put together by the French coach, Romain Haguenauer. Both are new to the senior ranks. Lauriault is a Quebec, Canada native, and Le Gac was located in Lyon, France. They currently train in Montreal.

Peroline Ojardias+ Michael Bramante (115.24) formed their partnership in 2014. Bramante previously skated for the USA.

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