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After zigzagging around the world to seven events, the Junior Grand Prix Series held its Final in Barcelona, Spain December 11-14, 2014.

Six skaters/couples in each discipline qualified for medals and the prize money totaling US$ 105,000.00 plus a $25,000.00 participation bonus.



  1. Shoma Uno (JPN) BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Shouted the Spanish broadcasters as Uno blew away the rest of the field with a free program to Don Juan de Marco that totaled 163.06, 26 points ahead of second place. He opened with 4T, 3A, and 3A+2T (32.31 points). After the mid mark, he added 2A+1Lo+3F, 2Lo, 3Lz, 3S, and 3F+3Tpoints (40.78 points). The footwork and spins all earned Level4. Uno moved up from a 3rd place in the short to win the gold medal. His 238.27 total score was a personal best.“I am surprised with myself. I skated much better than I expected. After the short program I was sad, but today’s free skating made up for it”, the Japanese Junior Champion told the press.
  1. Sota Yamamota (JPN), the short program leader singled his opening Axel, but rallied back with seven clean triples and three Level 4 spins to earn a new personal best score of 136.98. The fourteen year old won the silver medal with a total 213.12 points.“I’m happy about the result and the placement today but my goal was to land a triple Axel, and I didn’t do it, so I regret that a little bit”, the Japanese National Junior silver medalist commented.
  1. Alexander Petrov (RUS) placed 2nd in the Free Program and moved from 4th to claim the bronze medal. His Vivaldi program included two 3A and four clean triples and earned 137.07 points. The total score was 207.14.“I’m happy about being in 3rd place because I was 4th after the short program, and if I hadn’t missed the Lutz maybe I could have been 2nd. For me it is a personal victory”, Petrov said after his performance.
  1. Boyang Jin (CHN) dropped from 2nd (201.02 points).
  2. Roman Sadovsky (CAN) was 6th in the short and 4th in the free. (185.47 points)
  3. June Hyoung Lee (KOR) earned 180.39 points.



  1. Evgenia Medvedeva (RUS) landed seven clean triples including a 3F+3T combination (11.11 points) after the mid mark. The 2014 World Junior bronze medalist earned Level4 for three spins and the footwork. All three scores were personal bests – 67.09 (s), 123.80 (f) and 190.89 total.”I’d give myself a four (out of five) for my free skating. There were a few minor mistakes, and I had to change something in my program. Overall I think I dealt with the job at hand, even though not in an ideal way”, the 15-year-old said.
  1. Serafima Sakahnovich (RUS) completed seven clean triples and two Level4 spins to win her second consecutive Junior GPF silver medal. Unfortunately her final spin earned only a Level1. Her total points were 186.01.“I skated clean, but it is a shame for the spin in the short and free program”, the World Junior silver medalist noted.
  1. Wakaba Higuchi (JPN) moved up from 5th to claim the bronze medal with six clean triples and two Level4 spins. She earned personal best scores in all three segments – 60.37 (s), 117.72 (f), and 178.09 total.“Today was a much happier day than yesterday. Coming here, I was aiming for the third place, but after the short program I almost had given up the hope to win a medal”, the 13-year-old Japanese Junior Champion said.
  1. Maria Sotskova (RUS) was the 2013 Junior GPF champion (175.99).
  2. Yuka Nagai (JPN) slipped off the podium from 3rd. (172.34)
  3. Miyu Nakashio (JPN) finished with a 144.44 score.



  1. Julianne Seguin+Charlie Bilodeau (CAN) widened the 1st and 2nd place short program gap of only .18 with a solid performance to songs by Peter Gabriel. Dance moves highlighted the seamless transitions in the Marie-France Dubrueil and Patrice Lauzon choreography. The Montreal based team scored personal best marks in all segments – 59.22 (s), 116.35 (f), and 175.57 total to win gold in their first Junior GPF.“We really enjoyed the moment and felt good in the program. We could feel the crowd behind us”, Seguin noted. “Every time we skate to this music we are in our own zone. We have all the emotion that the song is saying. This last year we’ve really worked on the connection between us”, added Bilodeau.


  1. Lina Federova+Maxim Miroshkin (RUS) opened with a huge 3Tw4, but Miroshkin popped the double toe in a planned 2F+2T combination, and Federova stepped out of the throw triple Salchow. The spins and lifts earned Level4. The 2013 World Junior bronze medalists posted a new season’s best with 106.74 points and accumulated 165.78 points to win the silver medal.“We’re not very happy. Last season was not very successful, and now we know each competition we need to skate as well as possible, but today we did not do that. Next season we need to focus on this more”, Miroshkin told the post-event press conference.


  1. Maria Vigalova+Egor Zakroev (RUS) completed a strong triple twist and 3Fth as well as Level4 lifts in their program, but Vigalova stumbled on the 2A+2T combination. The 2013 Junior GPF silver medalist earned 161.75 total points and the 2014 bronze medal“In our free program today we made a lot of mistakes and I think that was very visible. We lost a lot of points as a result. We came here wanting gold, and we got only bronze”, Zakroev admitted.


  1. Daria Beklemisheva+ Maxim Bobrov (RUS) earned 131.57 points.
  2. Kamilla Gainetdinova+Sergei Alexeev (RUS) earned 130.14 points
  3. Chelsea Liu+Brian Johnson (USA) placed 4th in the free (124.86).



  1. Anne Yanovskaya+Sergey Mozgov (RUS) earned Level 4 for their twizzles, lifts, and spins; the step sequences earned Level2. The World Junior silver medalists scored 89.46 and totaled 148.58 points to repeat as Junior Grand Prix Final Champions.“It is definitely harder to defend a title than to win it for the first time. We felt a strong responsibility to show our best here and show we deserved the title. I think we managed that”, Mozgov said. “This was the best performance of the season, maybe not score-wise, but emotionally. We want to give the audience emotions so that they know what we are performing”, added Yanovskaya.


  1. Alla Laboda+Pavel Drozd (RUS) produced two Level4 lifts and Level2 twizzles to the ballet, Giselle. The circular footwork earned Level3 and the diagonal step sequence was Level2. The couple, who placed 11th at the 2013 Russian Nationals, posted a seasons best 82.59 and 136.31 points overall to take silver in their first appearance in the Junior Final.“We try to show the ballet on ice. Alla is Giselle, and I am the count. It is very difficult to put a two-hour ballet into three minutes. To bring the program to such a dramatic conclusion is very hard, but I hope we succeeded”, Drozd explained.


  1. Betina Popova+Yuri Vlasenko (RUS) placed 3rd in their second Junior GPF with 131.88 total points. The team earned Level4 for two lifts and one spin. The twizzles received a Level3. They had difficulty with the Step Sequences, garnering a Level1 for the Serpentine and Level2 for the Diagonal.”We are very happy to be at the Grand Prix Final. It is a very serious competition. The rink is excellent, the audience is great, and they helped us to conserve our energy today and skate confidently”, Popova commented.


  1. Mackenzie Bent+Garrett MacKeen (CAN) earned 128.61 points.
  2. Madeline Edwards+Zhao Kai Pang (CAN) finished with 122.39 points.
  3. Daria Morozova+Mikhail Zhimov (RUS) totaled 113.26 points.

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