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The Grand Prix Series visited three continents and six countries in six weeks and then added Barcelona, Spain to host the Final December 11-14.

Six skaters/couples in each discipline qualified for medals and prize money totaling US$ 272,000.00


  1. Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN) skated an almost technically flawless program to Phantom of the Opera. Opening with a 4S and 4T, he followed with seven clean triples, including a 3A+1Lo+3S. The spins earned Level4. The only mistake was a splat on the 3Lz at the end of the program. The Olympic Champion achieved a new personal best with 194.08 points, twenty points ahead of second place and scored 288.16 points overall.“I was exhausted before the triple Lutz. I tried to move my body, but I think I just lost focus”, he said at the press conference.
  1. Javier Fernandez (ESP) vaulted from a disappointing fifth place in the short to the silver medal. The audience cheered on their native son’s animated performance to The Barber Of Seville highlighted by a 4S, 4T and six clean triples. The three spins and footwork earned Level4. The reigning World bronze medalist earned a season’s best with 174.72 points and a total 253.90 points.“Although it was my season’s best it was still not my best skate. I did a lot of mistakes. There was a lot of pressure, and I knew I had to do a good program for the people that are watching and supporting me”, the World bronze medalist said.
  1. Sergei Voronov (RUS) moved up a notch in the free to claim the bronze medal in his first GPF competition. This year, his choreographer, Alexander Zhulin, suggested a different direction for the 27-year-old classical skater. The team chose to use the new rule allowing vocals with a medley highlighted by James Brown’s “This is a Man’s, Man’s World”. The program was initially so challenging, the European silver medalist wasn’t sure it would work, but he now enjoys skating it. The opening 4T was shaky, but he followed with seven clean triples and three Level4 spins. His total score was 244.53.“Yesterday in the short program when Javi was announced, it was like the Barcelona football team had turned up on the ice. I felt a little bit tense, but today it felt good. I was sad I missed the 4T and on the second quad I did a triple, but in the rest of the performance, I coped. I’m happy with the result,” smiled Voronov.
  1. Maxim Kovtun (RUS) dropped from 3rd to 4th (242.27)
  2. Takahito Mura (JPN) was 6th in the SP and 4th in the FP (235.37)
  3. Tatsuki Machida (JPN)) fell from 2nd to 6th in FP (216.13)



  1. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (RUS) completed seven clean triples in her interpretation of the Lebanese electronic dance music, “Batswannis Beek” and “Sandstorm”. The footwork and three spins were Level4. The 136.06 free skate and 203.58 total scores were personal bests. The 2013 European bronze medalist won her first ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final.“I was ill and wasn’t in the best shape coming into this. It was hard at the end, my legs were heavy, but I’m glad I could battle this and fight right to my final breath. Now I will go back to St Petersburg and try to recover completely and skate well at Russian Nationals”, the 17-year-old said.
  1. Elena Radionova (RUS) opened with a solid 3Lz+3T triple combination followed by five clean triples, including a 3Lo+1Lo+3S, and three Level4 spins. The two-time World Junior Champion had a 198.74 total score.“I’m very happy with my free program, I skated well and clean, and it wasn’t too easy because I was ill before the event. Nonetheless I was pleased to do all my jumps and fix the small mistakes from the short program My aim this season was to skate always clean so I can say now that I more or less did that”, the 15-year-old noted.
  2. Ashley Wagner (USA) vaulted from 6th in the short to the podium and a second straight GPF bronze medal. The California skater landed six clean triples, including a 3F+3T. The Moulin Rouge free program received a season best score of 129.26.“Today, to come from last place to the podium is a huge accomplishment, especially against the best girls in the world. Finally I got to show a clean 3F+3T, and I tried the 3Lo+1Lo+3S. I just have to figure out how to put together two clean programs. Although the free went well, this competition as a whole was a little wonky”, the two-time U.S. Champion commented.


  1. Anna Pogorilaya (RUS) placed 4th in both programs.
  2. Julia Lipnitskaia (RUS) slipped to 6th in the free, but 5th
  3. Rika Hongo (JPN) was 5th in the short and free, but finished 6th.



  1. Meagan Duhamel+Eric Radford (CAN), skating to songs by Muse, landed the much-anticipated 4STh perfectly and followed it with a clean 3T+2T+2T combination. The spins, lifts and death spiral were all Level4. The World bronze medalists posted a personal best 146.22 points and totaled 220.72 points.“We’ve been waiting a long time to do a performance like that in competition like we do every day at home. We really thrive under pressure. Our goal was to stand on the podium since we never have before. We are also very proud to have, not just a season’s but a personal best for our long program”, Duhamel commented.


  1. Ksenia Stikbiva+ Fedor Klimov (RUS) used speed and athleticism to weave the Level4 lifts and spins through the powerful music of the Spanish translation of Notre Dame de Paris. The couple had used the French version at the Trophee Bompard in Bordeaux. The dramatic 3STh in perfect unison with the crescendo of the music in the waning seconds of the program brought the audience to its feet.“I think today was almost our best performance this year. Except for one little mistake, we did all the elements well and got all the levels we planned, so I think it was good”, Klimov told the press.

    Commenting on the various language versions of the popular music, Klimova laughed, “We have not found the Chinese version yet.” (2015 Worlds will be in Shanghai, China)


  1. Wenjing Sui+Cong Han (CHN) completed the only quad twist in the competition and added a powerful 3FTh that had enough air for four revolutions, but they struggled with the side-by-side combination. The lifts and spins were all Level4. The choreography and their interpretation of Francesca da Rimini, Fantasy for Orchestra Op. 32 by Tchaikovsky showed a more mature side to the young team.“First of all we are so happy to be at this competition. Although we made some mistakes and felt very sad, we were happy to show the audience our skating. I think we are very lucky to get this place”, Han said.


  1. Cheng Peng+Hao Zhang (CHN)
  2. Xiaoyu Yu+Yang Jin (CHN)
  3. Yuko Kavaguri+Alexander Shmirnov (RUS)



  1. Kaityin Weaver+Andrew Poje brought Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to life with an energetic personal interpretation of their characters’ relationships throughout the seasons. It earned Level4 for the twizzles, lifts and spin. Their component marks were all 9’s, with one 10. All three marks were personal best scores – Short dance – 71.34, Free dance – 109.80, Total – 181.14.“Andrew and I couldn’t be more pleased with our performance today. It was definitely a personal best not only in terms of the score, but also in the skate. Everything came easily. We felt calm and prepared, and I think that’s the best zone to compete in. These two days I think we can say have been our best competition yet – certainly so far this season”, Weaver said.


  1. Madeline Chock+Evan Bates (USA) opened their personal interpretation of An American in Paris with a spectacular straight-line lift. The fast-paced program earned Level4 for twizzles, lifts, and spin and earned 102.03 points. The total score was 167.09.It was truly fun to skate today. We were in sync and connected. The crowd was so supportive, and It’s so great when the crowd is really receptive,” said Chock. “Our short dance was a little bump on the road, but the way we skated tonight, shows our resilience; we are a strong team,” added Bates


  1. Gabriella Papadakis+Guillaume Cizeron (FRA) danced to the strains of Mozart’s “Adagio” from Concerto No. 23 using long, deep edges to flow across the ice in seamless patterns. Two lifts and a spin were Level4. The Montreal, Canada trained team moved from 5th to the podium and the bronze medal.“Today was a good performance. We were really focused on the program. We still have to improve technical things like the twizzles and the curve lift, but so far it’s one of our best programs”, Cizeron shared.


  1. Maia Shibutani+Alex Shibutani (USA) slipped to 6th in FD.
  2. Piper Gilles+Paul Poirier (CAN) moved up one place from the SD.
  3. Elena Ilinykh+Ruslan Zhiganshin (RUS) totaled 156.46 points.

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