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Elena Radionova (RUS) won her second 2014 GP gold medal with a technically packed program to Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 3.

The reining World Junior Champion completed seven clean triples, with three combinations – 3Lz+3T, 3Lo+1Lo+3S, 3Lo+2T – totaling over 30 points.  The three spins earned Level4.

The fifteen-year old flew around the arena smiling ear-to-ear while carrying the audience up, down and over the composer’s keyboard. The French crowd loved her youthful enthusiasm and rewarded her with a standing “O”.

“I skated with more confidence than at Skate America, and I skated clean,” noted the teenager.

All three scores were a personal best – short (67.28), free (136.64) and total (203.92).

Julia Lipnitskaia (RUS) won silver, while skating to selections from Romeo & Juliet.

The 2014 World silver medalist appeared detached and aloof as she skated her program with little enthusiasm for blending the elements with the music or interpreting Shakespeare’s story. The wispy Sochi Olympic darling lacked the warmth and fire that endeared her to the world nine months ago.

Lipnitskaia opened with a 2A+3T+2T and 2A+3T for 18 points. She completed only one more clean triple – 3S, faltering on the more difficult Lutz (under rotated) and Flip (fell), earning negative GOE scores. Her trademark spins earned Level4 and the footwork was Level3.

“I was calmer than I was at the Cup of China, and I skated better (14 more points in the free skate), but I am not ready enough yet, and, therefore, mistakes happened. I am pleased that I did not let the program go like in China, that I fought,” noted the 2014 European champion.

Lipnitskaia totaled 185.18, twelve points more than the 173.57 at Cup of China, but almost 25 points less than her personal best 209.72 at the 2014 European championships.

Ashley Wagner (USA) placed 4th in the free program, but won the bronze medal with a mature interpretation of music from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

The two-time US Champion completed four clean triples, but fell on her 3F and couldn’t complete the combination. Wagner added a 3T to her Lutz near the end of the program and received audience support for the gutsy move.  The Flying Sit spin earned a Level4.

The Californian left the ice holding her stomach and later revealed she had felt really nauseous and sick during the performance.

I relied on all the run-throughs I’ve done at home, so mentally I was strong enough to just trust that physically I was capable to push through,” Wagner told the press.

“Trying the triple toe at the end of an exhaustive program, that was crazy. It’s something I pulled out of my head at the last minute,” she added.

Courtney Hicks (USA) finished 3rd in the free program to music from the Anna Karenina soundtrack, but placed 4th over all.

The 2011 US Junior Champion completed six clean triples and a 10.51 3Lz+2T+2L0 combination. Two spins earned Level4. The native Californian has worked with ice dancer, Tanith Belbin, to improve her component and artistic scores.

The following ladies qualified for the Grand Prix Final:

  • Elena Radionova (RUS)
  • Julia Lipnitskaia (RUS)


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