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Gabriella Papadakis+Guillaume Cizeron (FRA) won their 2nd GP gold medal in two weeks. Last year the team placed 13th at the 2014 World championships, and this season has already made a gargantuan leap in expectation.

“We were not ready to receive that much attention that early,” said Cizeron. What has surprised us the most was the improvement from last year.”

The Cup of China gold medalists danced to Mozart’s Concerto No. 23 earning Level4 twizzles, lifts and spins and scoring a personal best 102.60.  The choreographic spin scored 2.23 points, the highest in the GP so far.

The seamless connection between elements and transitions allowed the couple to float like objects being blown by a hidden breeze.

The audience applauded every move and in the end rewarded the home-country favorites with a rousing standing ovation.

“Many expected us to be the successors to Pechalat+Bourzat.  The audience was crazy,” said Cizeron.

Piper Gilles+Paul Poirier (CAN) won the silver medal with a personal best skate to the soundtrack from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

The team earned Level4 for one spin and two lifts.  The remaining elements and footwork earned Level3.

“Getting a silver medal here is definitely a mission accomplished,” smiled Poirier. “The characters develop every time we perform it, and we become more and more familiar with the program.”

Madison Hubbell+Zachary Donohoe (USA) earned a bronze medal while skating to music from The Great Gatsby soundtrack.

The twizzles, two lifts and a spin received Level4, but the circular step sequence and curve lift involved mishaps and were only Level2.

“Parts of the program improved from Skate Canada, but we made a major mistake (in the curve lift) at the beginning that cost us a lot,” offered Hubbell.  “Our goal here was to make the GP Final.”

“That was hard,” added Donohue.  But we’re trained to forget about it and to move to the next step.  It’s just very hard in the moment.

Sara Hurtado+Adria Diaz (ESP) placed fourth.

The following ice dancers qualified for the GP Final:

  • Papadakis+Cizeron (FRA)
  • Gilles+Poirier (CAN)

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