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Over 4000 enthusiastic supporters dressed in Canadian red and waving Maple Leaf flags greeted Duhamel+Radford as they approached center ice. The World bronze medalists posed, and then treated their adoring fans to four minutes of high-tech skating. After a standing ovation, the team moved to the Kiss & Cry where their 138.04 personal best score was announced. The couple was awarded their first GP gold medals before a full house, followed by the hearty singing of “O, Canada”.

Meagan Duhamel+Eric Radford (CAN) led after the short by seven, then blasted out a technical savvy program skated to a contemporary Muse medley and won gold by 26 points.  The clean s-b-s 3Lz jumps were worth 6.80 points, while the anxiously awaited 4STh only earned 6.14 when Duhamel stepped out and two-footed the landing.  Her hand touched the ice during the 3LzTh, and the team lost .60 points, but the spins and spectacular lifts and their exits earned all Level4.

A much-anticipated showdown is expected at the NHK Trophy between the Canadians and Russians Kavaguti+Smirnov, who did a clean 4STh at Skate America last week, earning 8.57 points.

Technically, the Canadians have the higher base value with their s-b-s 3Lz jumps and the Russians’ 2A plus the 3LzTh over the 3LoTh. The free program technical marks at the first two events:

Kavaguti+Smirnov 69.90

  Duhamel+Radford 69.93.

The Skate America gold medalists lead in the Component marks by two points. 

“We had great success, but there is still room for improvement in our program because some elements were not perfect.  We don’t want to peak in October or early November,” said Radford.

Wenjing Sui+Cong Han (CHN) placed 2nd in both programs and won the silver.  The team opened the free with a 9 point huge 4Tw, and then faltered on the planned s-b-s jumps earning only .10 points. Their spins and two lifts earned Level4.

The three-time World Junior champions changed coaches and are now training with Hongbo Zhao and using David Wilson for their choreography. The mature, but more serious, Tchaikovsky program was a different style for the perky duo.

“David has been a big help to us because we want to skate more as grown-ups and no longer in a childish style” commented Han.

Evgenia Tarasova+Vladimir Morozov (RUS) celebrated his 22nd birthday at their first senior GP event and won a bronze medal.

The “Hello” free program by Lionel Ritchie opened with an 8-point huge “Fly high and say goodbye” Level4 triple twist.. The team lost points on the downgraded triple toe loops and two-footed 3LoTh. The Junior World silver medalists earned Level4 on all lifts and spins.

“I was not able to land all the elements, but we learned a lot from this competition for the future, about how to skate in front of a big crowd,” noted Tarasova. “There were some mistakes, but we are pleased with out first major senior international competition,” added Morozov.

Madeline Aaron+Max Settlage (USA) fresh off a 5th place at Skate America performed another character driven program to the King & I.

Opening with a well-executed triple twist and followed by a clean 3LoTh and 3STh, the team struggled with their s-b-s jumps and death spiral. The spins and two lifts earned Level4.

The Colorado based team moved up a notch in Kelowna, earning almost five points more than at Skate America and finishing 4th.

“We had a couple of errors, things we can definitely fix before Nationals.  It’s great to have an improvement in score since Skate America, since we had a quick turnaround.”

Kirsten Moore-Towers+Michael Marinaro (CAN) have been partners for only five months.  They finished 6th at their international debut.

The pairs’ next GP event is as follows:

Duhamel+Radford – NHK Trophy

Sui+Han – Trophee Bompard

Tarasova+Morozov – Rostelecom Cup

James+Cipres – Trophee Bompard

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