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The ISU Grand Prix Series opened on Friday, October 24, with fifty-six skaters vying for points and medals.

Elena Radionova (RUS) was 2nd in the short program, but claimed gold after a top free program skated to Selections by Rachmaninov. Michelle Kwan used the same familiar music in her 1998 Olympic short program.

The reining Junior World champion attempted seven triples, but received negative GOE on four. She earned Level4 in her spins and step sequence.

“I am happy. It is a completely different emotion than being in 2nd or 3rd place. I am overwhelmed by all my emotions,” quipped the 15 year-old.

Elizaveta Tukamysheva (RUS) switched positions with Radionova, winning the silver after a 1st place in the short program.  The 2013 European bronze medalist skated five clean triples and earned Level4 for her spins and Level3 for the step sequence.

Tukamysheva won gold at two Challenger Series and Cup of Nice in the weeks prior to competing at Skate America.

“I’m pleased I was able to finish the marathon of competitions. This is my fourth in a row. Today I was not in the same shape I was in Finland or Germany and I am upset I made some silly errors in the performance today. There’s room to grow and improve, and I hope to do that in Shanghai,” commented Tukamysheva.

Gracie Gold (USA) placed 3rd in both programs. The bronze medalist left a lot of technical points on the table, completing only three clean triples, including the opening 3Lz+3T combination. The spins and step sequence earned all Level4. She outscored all other Ladies with a 63.44 Component mark. The Illinois native had great support in the audience.

“Overall I was happy with my performance, ‘I love being back in my hometown of Chicago.  It was a fun experience and a good start to my season coming off the Games,” said the reining US Champion.

Samantha Cesario (USA) was 4th in both programs.

The New Yorker commented on her free program score. “I’m pretty happy with it for what I did today.  I would like it to be higher for the season as I progress, but for my first stop on the GP circuit, I’m happy with it – definitely an improvement. (159.40 at the Finlandia Trophy two weeks prior)

Cesario earned a personal best total score of 174.58

Mirai Nagasu (USA) vaulted from 10th place to 6th overall.

“This was a very stressful week because I was expecting so much more out of myself. Today wasn’t anything else but skating for myself. I’m glad the audience enjoyed my performance,” said Nagasu.

The next Grand Prix event for the top Ladies:

  1. Rodianova – Trophee Bompard
  2. Tuktamysheva – Cup of China
  3. Gold – NHK Trophy
  4. Cesario – Trophee Bompard
  5. Park – Rostelecom Cup
  6. Nagasu – Rostelecom Cup

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