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Jeremy Abbott experienced a roller coaster ride of emotions during his Olympic performances in Sochi. After the event, he returned to Michigan, went on tour, and thought about his future. 

The five-time US National champion still had gas in the tank. He felt he had learned a lot the past season about competing.

“I wanted to put that knowledge to use and really test it out and see that I’d actually learned something,” quipped the 29 year old on a resent media conference call.

In July, during an off-ice shirtless session with his trainer, an observation was made that would affect Abbott’s training regime.

“You are absorbing a lot of your energy and force into your lower back,” said the instructor to the student.

They broke his mechanics down and started from scratch. In the process they noticed other things were off as well, like his knees weren’t tracking over his feet properly.

It took a lot of time to rebuild, and it’s still an on-going process. His skating has a different look, as does his technique.

“We went all the way back to the beginning, and I had to relearn my off-ice technique, and then carry it on to the ice.

“Having done this has reduced a lot of pressure and pain I usually feel in my lower back, hips and other parts of my body,” added Abbott.

The choice of his free program music, Adagio for Strings, choreographed by Sandra Bezic, continued the back to basics theme he had incorporated into his new technique and biomechanics training.

“We wanted a throw back to very traditional figure skating, which is very much a craft that’s been lost in recent generations. We wanted to pay tribute to that,” said the excited Abbott.

“The new program doesn’t have a lot of dancing like my previous pieces. It’s classic figure skating. It’s more about the edge and the connection of the blades with the ice,” he added.

The Bloomfield Hills, MI resident worked hard this summer and is happy with the progress he made.

The opportunity to show off the retooling and rebuilding is just around the corner. The 2014/15 competitive season opens at Skate America in Chicago, IL October 24-26 with a strong roster of international and Olympic medalists.

“I have good programs. I’m feeling good, so I want to go out and for the first time, put it on home ice,” said the confident reigning US National champion.

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