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The following gold medalists secured a position for the JGPF Final:

  • [L] Wakaba Higuchi (JPN)
  • [P] Julianne Seguin+Charlie Bilodeau (CAN)
  • [D] Betina Popova+Yuri Vlasenko (RUS)


Andrei Lazukin (RUS) made his 2014 debut and won his first international gold medal. The sixteen-year old opened the free program with a 3A+3T that earned 13.60 points and then added six clean triples. The 202.68 total is a personal best. Lazukin’s next event is Croatia, where he competes for a JGP Final assignment.

He Zang (CHN) slipped to 4th in the free after a 2nd place finish in the short. The free program’s erratic jump passes went from a solid opening 4T to only three clean triples. Two spins earned Level 4. The total 196.20 score won the silver. Zang has a slim chance to make the JGPF – depending on the Croatia outcome.

Yaroslav Paniot (UKR) moved up from 4th in the short to win the bronze medal. In the free, he earned a 67.50 total elements score – the highest in the competition. The opening 3A+3T combination and 3A scored over 22 points. The total score was 194.60 only 1.60 points out of 2nd place. Panoit previously placed 17th at Aichi, Japan and will not skate in the JGP Final.

Roman Sadovsky (CAN) placed 2nd in the free. He hit six clean triples, but didn’t attempt a 3A. The spins and step sequence earned Level4. The 192.44 personal best total was not enough to overcome the 8th place short program. He was 4thSadovsky, who won the Czech Republic JGP, must now wait for the Croatia competitors to determine his fate for the Final.



The top three ladies won both their short and free programs.

Wakaba Higuchi (JPN) won the gold medal and a ticket to the JGPF in Barcelona, Spain. The thirteen-year old executed four clean triples including an opening 3Lz+3T and three Level4 spins. Her nemesis the 3F was under-rotated in both programs. The short, free and total (176.14) scores were personal bests.

Elizabet Turzynbaeva (KAZ) was born in Moscow, skates for Kazakhstan, and trains in Canada with Brian Orser. The silver medalist did six clean triples, including a 2A+3T combination. The three spins earned Level4. The fourteen-year old had a personal best total of 164.79. Turzynbaeva must await the results from Croatia for a possible JGPF nod.

Alexandra Proklova (RUS) won the bronze in her first JGP competition of the season. The free program element marks were far below her podium mates, with two falls and a downgraded 3S at the end of a combination. She completed three clean triples and her spins were all Level4. The total score was 149.16. Proklova skates next at the Croatia JGP.



Julianne Seguin+Charlie Blodeau (CAN) won their 2nd JGP gold medal with a fast paced interpretation of two Peter Gabriel songs. The well-choreographed program by Marie-France Dubrueil and Patrice Lauzon highlighted the pair’s athleticism and performance skills. The Canadian reining silver medalists wove seamlessly in and out of elements, while earning Level4 for the death spiral, combination spin and two spectacular lifts. Seguin firmly landed both throws with ease and confidence. In the entire competition, the team received only one negative GOE mark from the judges.

The short, free and total (174.10) scores beat their previous personal best by almost 15 points. The team earned an assignment to the JGP Final in Barcelona, Spain.

Julianne Seguin next competes at Skate Canada in the ladies senior division.

Lina Fedorova+ Maxim Miroshkin (RUS) posted their 2nd silver medal of the 2014 JGP series and most likely a third trip to the Final. The high-flying opening triple twist scored a +1.30. Their s-b-s jumps and 3S throw errors earned negative GOE marks, but the lifts and a spin were Level4. The total 162.12 was a personal best. The team trains with Olympic gold medalists Tatiana Volosozhar/Maxim Trankov.

Chelsea Liu+Brian Johnson (USA) won the bronze medal in their international debut. The California-trained team struggled with several elements, but earned Level4 for two lifts and a combination spin. The total score was 132.15. The team competes next at the Croatia JGP October 8-12, 2014.


Ice Dance

The three medalists held their positions from the short dance through the free. 

Betina Popova+Yuri Vlasenko (RUS) won the gold medal with Level4 element scores that included the twizzles, spins and diagonal step sequence. The Moscow-based team added their points for the silver at Czech Skate to their win in Dresden and cashed them in for a ticket to the JGP Final.

Lorraine McNamara+Quinn Carpenter (USA) won a silver medal to add to their previous 2014 JGP bronze. The dramatic presentation of Phantom of the Opera earned Level4 for the spins, lifts and diagonal step sequence. The free and total (139.35) scores were personal bests. The 2013 JGPF bronze medalists have a slim chance to return to the 2014 event depending on the outcome of the Croatia event.

Brianna Delmaestro+Timothy Lum (CAN) took home the bronze medal after a free program of Level4 twizzles, lifts and a spin. The team previously earned a silver medal at Slovenia. The total score was 130.78.

The 2014 Canadian bronze medalists are tied with McNamara+Carpenter for a long-shot chance to receive an assignment to the JGP Final.

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