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The following Croatia Cup competitors earned JGPF placements.

  • [M] Shomo Uno (JPN)
  • [M] June Hyoung Lee (KOR)
  • [L] Maria Sotskova (RUS)
  • [P] Maria Vigalova+Egor Zakroev (RUS)
  • [P] Daria Beklemisheva+Maxim Bobrov (RUS)
  • [P] Chelsea Liu+Brian Johnson (USA)
  • [D] Anna Yanovskaya+Sergey Mozgov (RUS)
  • [D] Daria Morozova+Mikhail Zhirnov (RUS)




The Croatia Cup men’s competition was the only 2014 JGP event where Russia didn’t medal.

Shoma Uno (JPN) won the gold medal with two first place performances. The free opened with a 4T and 4T+2T. He didn’t do a 3A. Instead, he earned 19.75 points for a 2A+1Lo+3F and a 2A+3T after the halfway mark. The spins and step sequence were Level4. Uno’s 227.51 total score was a personal best.

Nathan Chen (USA) won silver in his only 2014 JGP event. He struggled with the 3A in both programs, but completed six clean triples in the free. The three combinations after the midway mark earned over 28 points (3Lz+2Lo+2Lo, 3F+3T, 3S+2T). The 2013 JGPF bronze medalist’s total score was 208.16.

June Hyoung Lee (KOR) won bronze. The short program had Level4 spins and step sequence. In the free, he landed 5 clean triples and two more Level4 spins and earned a personal best 203.92 total score.




Maria Sotskova (RUS) snapped back from a 2nd in the short to win the free and 1st place. She struggled with the Lz in both programs. Her spins were Level3. The two-time 2014 JGP gold medalist earned 170.81 total points.

Karen Chen (USA) won the short, but slipped to 3rd in the free. The Californian completed five clean triples and earned Level4 for the combination and final layback spins. The winner of two 2014 JGP medals finished 2nd – a slim 1.40 points behind the leader and a 169.41 total score.

Alexandra Proklova (RUS) fell twice in the short to place 4th, but her 2nd place free skate pushed her on to the podium and the bronze medal. She completed four clean triples and three combinations, including a10.70 3F+1Lo+3S. Her spins were Level4. Proklova won two 2014 JGP bronze medals. Her total was 159.23.




Chelsea Liu+Brian Johnson are the only USA JGPF competitors

Maria Vigalova+Egor Zakroev (RUS) won the short, and then stormed past their countryman to win gold by over 24 points. The team had plus GOE marks on all but one element. The lifts were Level4. The Phantom of the Opera presentation won them two 2014 JGP gold medals. The total Croatia Cup score was 167.98.

Daria Bekklemsheva+Maxim Bobrov (RUS) placed 2nd in both the short and free programs. The new team earned Level4 for their lifts and combination spin. They achieved a personal best for all three scores. The total was 143.62.

Renata Oganseian+Mark Bardei (UKR) vaulted from 7th in the short to 3rd in the free and a bronze medal. The team struggled with their two opening jump passes.

The reverse lasso lift and triple twist were their strongest elements, earning over 15 points total. They zeroed out on the final combination spin. The team earned a personal best 135.57 total score.

Chelsea Liu+Brian Johnson (USA) slipped from 3rd in the short to 6th in the free and off the podium to 4th place. The duo teamed up in the spring of 2014 and medaled in their previous 2014 JGP event. The California-based team fought for all their elements and earned personal best marks for the three scores.


Ice Dance


The top 3 Ice Dance teams received all positive GOE marks in both their Short and Free Dances.


Anna Yanovskaya+Sergey Mozgov (RUS) earned their second 2014 JGP gold medal. The Level2 twizzles diminished the almost flawless Argentine Tango free program. The midline step sequence earned 8.99 points, while the spins and lifts scored Level4. Their total score was 145.34.

Rachel Parsons+Michael Parsons (USA) won the silver medal. The siblings had higher technical marks than the winners, but lost the advantage with their lower Component scores. The spins, lifts and twizzles were Level4, with the step sequences Level3. The team earned a personal best score for their free program, Notre Dame de Paris (84.05), and 135.96 total score.

Carolina Moscheni+Adam Lukacs (HUN) took 3rd in both the short and free dances and won the bronze medal. Two lifts, including the opening straight line, and a spin earned Level4. The short, free and total marks were all personal best scores.

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