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The JGP Tallinn Cup closed with Alexander Petrov (RUS) punching his ticket to the Final. Several competitors must await the results of the remaining two events before booking travel reservations.




The three men maintained their positions from the short through the free programs

Alexander Petrov (RUS) added his first gold medal to a JGP Series collection of three silvers.

In the short, he sprinted out ahead and kept his distance over second place competitor, Soto Yamamoto (JPN) who nosed out He Zang (CHN) by .34 points.

The Petrov and Yamamota free program scores were much tighter – 1.35 points – but still out of reach for the fourteen year old to catch the Russian.  Zang placed third – over 10 points out of first place.




The ladies played “apple cart turn over” with their short and free programs.

Miyu Nakashaio (JPN) vaulted from 3rd to 1st. Maria Sotskova (RUS) anchored 2nd in both programs.  Aisu Kaiumova (RUS) moved one step up from 4th to 3rd. The short program winner, Rin Nataya (JPN) finished 4th.

Nakashio won gold. She beat the reining JGPF champion Sotskova by less than a point with six clean triples and two combinations – 2A+3T+2T and 3S+2A+ SEQ.

Sotskova struggled with falls in both programs and received negative GEO scores for under-rotated jumps in the free. The fourteen year old competes again at the JGP Croatia Cup in two weeks. She scored a silver medal.

Kaiumova, the bronze medalist, had a personal best mark in her free program, which included two Level3 spins and a 10.40-point 3F+1lo+3S combination.



The Russian pair teams pulled a hat trick and swept the podium.

Maria Vigalova+Egor Zakroev (RUS) took command in the short program and ran away with the gold by over 24 points.

The Russians are seven time JGP medalists, including bronze and silver at the last two JGP Finals.

The team competes next at the Croatia Cup.  The results will determine their invitation to the JGP Final for a third straight time.

Kamilla Gainetdinova+Sergei Alexeev (RUS) added a silver medal to the bronze they collected at the 2014 Czech Republic JGP event.  The team awaits JGP Final selection results.

Anastasia Gubanova+Alexei Sinstov (RUS) won the bronze and completed the Russia trifecta.   The duo won their first JGP medal with a performance to Cirque du Soleil.




Mackenzie Bent+Garrett MacKeen (CAN) won the short dance over Anna Yanovskaya+Sergei Mozgov (RUS) by .27 points.

The Canadians outscored the Russians in the technical elements due to a higher base value received for their Samba patterns.

A distant 3rd was Carolina Moscheni+Adam Lukacs (HUN).

Yanovskaya+Mozgov won the free and pulled away with their Level4 twizzles, spins and lifts woven in and out of an Argentine Tango. Their high 7 and 8 component marks separated them from the rest of the pack.

Bent+MacKeen added a silver medal to go with the gold won at the Czech Republic JGP in early September. Their total 28 points should gain them entry to the Final.

Alexandra Nazarova+Maxim Nikitin (UKR) won the bronze, almost 25 points behind the leaders. The Alexander Zhulin coached team trains in Moscow, Russia. They placed 5th at the 2013 JGP Final.

The official results are available at:



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