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After the Nagoya TV Cup, Boyang Jin (CHN) and Serafima Sakhanovich (RUS) joined Evgenia Medvedeva (RUS), as qualifiers for the JGP Final, where Jin will defend his 2013 title. Dance teams, Madeline Edwards+Zhao Kai Pang (CAN) and Alla Loboda+Pavel Drozd (RUS) have accumulated 28 points each and await the results of the next events to assure their JGP Final status.



Boyang Jin (CHN) won his second 2014 JGP gold medal, but by less than 2 points. The free program was Dragon Racing choreographed by Justin Dillon. The powerful music accented the three quads: 4S, 4T+2T and 4T after the midway mark. The 3A proved a nemesis in both programs; the sixteen-year old lost points. He also zeroed out on the CoSp near the end. The 221.92 score was a personal best.

Shoma Uno (JPN) placed second in the short and again in the Don Juan de Marco free program. The sixteen-year old had the highest Component score, but his total element base value was 14 points lower than Jin and too big to overcome. However, Uno’s opening 4T earned 11.87 and was higher than Jin’s 4T made after the halfway mark. The 2014 Asian Open gold medalist earned Level4 for all three jumps and the step sequence. The 219.99 score was a personal best.

Dmitri Aliev (RUS) placed third. The fifteen-year executed four clean triples in the short, but fell behind in the free. Skating to the music of French composer, Hugues Le Bars, the highlight was the 3Lz+3T done after midway in the program that racked up 11.51 points. The 189.82 total score were a personal best.



Serafima Saskhanovich (RUS) had a disappointing short program. The 2013/14 Junior World silver medalist scored 10 jumping points less than at her Slovenia competition. The combination fall caused the highest deduction. The spins were all Level4. The spunky teen bounced back in the free and took control with an almost flawless interpretation of “I Love You, I Hate You” and “Oblivion”. The audience clapped along as Saskhanovich punctuated each jump with a hand over her head “tano” move. The Russian teen won the gold medal and earned 30 points and an automatic JGP Final invitation. The total score was 177.69

Yuka Nagai (JPN) placed 5th in the short after a lackluster performance, including a blown Lutz that received zero points. The two Level4 spins, and the 25.14 component score added points. Nagai vaulted into second place with a free program choreographed to the music of Camille Saint-Saens. She botched the opening 1Lz+3T combination, but her Level4 spins and a 2A+3T+2T after the halfway mark, contributed to the161.65 total score and the silver medal. Nagai has 26 points toward the JGP Final.

Elizabet Turzynbaeva (KAZ) was born in Russia, but trains in Toronto, Canada with Brian Orser. The almost flawless short program produced Level4 spins and a personal best score of 59.25. The David Wilson choreographed free program, “Papa Can You Hear Me”, was the antithesis of the short. The numerous early jumping errors, including two falls, could have foreshadowed a disastrous skate, but the fourteen-year old regained her composure. Turzynbaeva placed 5th in the free program and earned a personal best total 159.38 score.



Madeline Edwards+Zhao Kai Pang (CAN) placed second in both the Short Dance and the free program, but won the gold medal. In both performances the 2013/14 World Junior bronze medalists earned Level4 spins, twizzles, and lifts. The Samba patterns were Level 4 and 1. The total score was 134.42.

Alla Loboda+Pavel Drozd (RUS) were third in the Short Dance, first in the free program and won the silver medal. In the Short Dance, the twizzles and lift were Level4, but both Samba pattern dances earned Level2. The free music was Giselle. The spins and lifts earned Level4, while the twizzles were Level3. The intricate DiSt3 scored a high 7.89 GOE mark. The total score was 133.98, a scant .44 behind the winners.

Rachel Parsons+Michael Parsons (USA) were first in the Short Dance, but fell to third in the free program and won the bronze medal. The Short Dance lifts and twizzles earned Level4, while the Samba patterns were Level4 and 2. The Maryland siblings used the powerful Notre Dame de Paris music to accent their Level4 spins and lifts. The circular step sequence was penalized with negative GOE marks. The twizzles were Level3. The total was 131.42.

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