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Canada won three of the gold medals awarded at the Slovenia, Czech Republic event.

Pair skaters made their initial 2014 JGP Series appearance at the event in Slovenia.

Julianne Seguin+Charlie Bilodeau (CAN) took a slim lead into the Free Program, but blasted open a huge gap with a Personal Best 104.19 segment score. The 2014 Canadian silver medalists had a minor glitch with the Lasso Lift, but their outstanding performance earned a well-deserved gold medal. Seguin also skates singles. Lina Ferorova+Maxim Miroshkin (RUS) won the silver medal, but had sbs jump errors, a two-footed landing on the 3LoTh, and a time violation deduction. The2013 JGPF bronze medalists earned Level4 for their death spiral and Reverse Lasso lift. Kamilla Gainetdinova+Sergei Alexeev (RUS) won the bronze medal in their JGP debut.  The 2014-teamed duo scored almost 25 points less than the Canadians, but did receive Level3 for their death spiral and spins.

Mackensie Bent+Garrett MacKeen  (CAN) won the Short Dance, the Free Dance, and the gold medal with Level4 twizzle, lift and spin marks in both programs. The next four teams played apple cart turn over.  Betina Popova+Yuri Vlasenko (RUS) placed 2nd in the Short Dance, but only 4th in the Free Program.  The reining Russian Junior bronze medalists lost points with their Level2 twizzles and several minor GOE deductions. Their combined scores gave them the silver medal by a narrow .63 points. Lorraine McNamara+Quinn Carpenter (USA) placed 3rd in the Short Dance. The 2013 JGPF bronze medalists’ free program earned 2nd place with all Level4 lifts, twizzles, and spins. The team received a -1.00 extended lift deduction in both programs.  They were third over all. Christina Carreira+Anthony Ponomarnko (USA) and Sofia Evdokimova+Egor Bazin (RUS) placed 4th and 5th in the Short Dance, but were reversed after their free programs.

Roman Sadovsky (CAN) won the third gold medal for Canada. The 15 year old did four clean triples and added two combinations after the mid way section for extra points.  Two of his three spins were Level4. Sadovsky placed 3rd in the Free Program, but his 5.09 lead after the Short guaranteed first place. Alexander Samarin (RUS) won the silver medal with a Personal Best Free Program winning score (188.69). The four-time JGP medalist was credited with four clean triples including a 3Lz+3T early in the program worth 10.90 points. His spins and step sequences were all Level3. Sei Kawahara (JPN) placed 4th in the Free Program with 7 clean triples, and won his first JGP medal – a bronze. His TES (Total Element Score) (64.84) was the highest in the men’s competition.  Two spins were Level4.  Andrew Torgashev (USA) placed 2nd in the Free Program and ended less than 3 points off the podium.  The 13-year old US Nationals Novice pewter medalist completed 4 clean triples and earned Level4 for his three spins.

For the third straight 2014 JGP event, the ladies’ podium was: Russia, Japan, and the United States…

Evgenia Medvedeva (RUS) placed 2nd in the Short, 2nd in the Free, but won the gold medal. She opened her Free Program with a 10.60 3F+3T, followed with four more clean triples. Again, the 2014 Courchevel gold medalist received an edge jump deduction for her nemesis–the Lutz. Her spins were all Level4.  Wakaba Higuchi (JPN) won the Free Program with six clean triples and vaulted from 5th to 2nd place. The 2014 Asian Open Junior gold medalist earned 10.70 points with an opening 3Lz+3T.  She faltered on the same combination in the Short Program, and it may have cost her the gold medal.  The spins were all Level4.  Karen Chen (USA) had too many errors in her Free Program and lost her 5-point Short Program lead.  The 2013 JGP two-time medalist slipped from 1st to 3rd and won the bronze medal.

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