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The newly created ISU Challengers Series will launch the first of eleven competitions on September 10, 2014.  The 2014 US International Figure Skating Classic will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah USA. The event in its third year was previously held as a single Senior “B” competition.   Skaters now have the added incentive of earning World Standing Points.

The 2014-15 roster includes international and national medalists.

2012/2013 Classic Medalists

  • Max Aaron (USA) 2012, 2013 Classic gold medal
  • Gracie Gold (USA) 2012, 2013 Classic silver medal
  • Courtney Hicks (USA) 2013 Classic gold medal
  • Nicole Orford + Thomas Williams (CAN) 2013 Classic bronze medal

USA Olympic Team Bronze Medalists

  • Polina Edmunds (USA) 2014 US silver medal
  • Gracie Gold (USA) US 2014 US gold medal
  • Madison Chock + Evan Bates (USA) 2014 US silver medalists

International Medalists

  • Andrei Rogozine (CAN)2011 World Junior gold medal
  • Marai Nagasu (USA) 2008 World Junior bronze medal
  • Alexandra Aldridge + Daniel Eaton (USA) 2012, 2013 World Junior bronze medal
  • Ross Miner (USA) 2013 Four Continents bronze medal
  • Alexa Scimeca + Chris Knierim (USA) 2014 Four Continents bronze medal


Ice Network will provide live coverage of the competition for Season Pass subscribers at:


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