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2014-LPIDC-SrSDB-C08A6737Victoria (20) and Connor (22) Hasegawa are one of four sets of siblings with Japanese heritage currently training full or part time in Canton, MI.  (See below) *

Recently, the Canadian team competed in the premier Lake Placid Ice Dance Competition. After a solid practice directed by Massimo Scali, Victoria and Connor discussed the choice of West Side Story for their 2014-15 Free Dance.

“We play siblings, Bernardo and Maria, rather than the traditional star-crossed lovers, Tony and Maria,” offered Victoria.  

The duo agreed that choosing music for ice dancing siblings is often difficult since the tendency is to play up the more romantic roles. 

Victoria and Connor hope their Lake Placid performance will be rewarded with a fall ISU assignment.

Back in 2012, the Montreal siblings moved south to work with Marina Zueva’s team in Canton, MI. 

“The opportunity to share the ice with Olympic and World Champions, Davis & White and Virtue & Moir was amazing,” quipped Connor. 

While those teams are on sabbatical for 2014-15, the current World Champions, Capellinni & Lanotte (ITA) and Russians, Sinitsina & Katsalapov (2014 Olympic bronze medalist with his former partner) are filling the vacuum of medalists to emulate.  

The inclusion of Massimo Scali, (ITA) to the coaching staff adds a new perspective to the Hasegawas skating. 

“Massimo offers an alternative to Marina. They balance each other out,” said Connor. 

Victoria and Connor both speak French and are trained musicians.  Connor plans for a career in music (piano) after figure skating. The team lives in Windsor, Ontario, where they represent the Riverside SC and commute daily to Canton, MI. 

Recently, high above the Detroit River, Connor tweeted: “Every day on my way home from training in the US, this flag (Maple Leaf) reminds me who I am…a proud Canadian.” 

Victoria & Connor Hasegawa, (CAN)
Pilar & Leonardo Maekawa Morena (MEX)
Cathy & Chris Reed (JPN)
Maia & Alex Shibutani (USA)

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