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2014-LPIDC-JrSDB-C08A4212Holly Moore (18) and Daniel Klaber (20), 2012 US Novice Ice Dance Champions, made a major decision following the 2014 US Boston Nationals.  

After placing 4th in the Junior Division for the second straight year, they left the DSC in Bloomfield Hills, MI and drove 20 miles west to train under the watchful eyes and expertise of Igor Shpilband and his team in Novi, MI.

“Our artistry marks have always been good, but we needed to improve our technical aspects,” claimed Moore.

Recently at the Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships, the team claimed a first place for their Short Silver Samba and Addams Family Free Dance.  

After the event, the Ohio natives chatted about their move to Novi and working with a new staff. 

Asked about the many teams training at the site, Klabor responded, “In spite of having five teams on the ice at once, each one is equally invested.

Moore loves working with Barbara Fuser Poli, the retired Italian ice dancing champion and visiting coach.  When executing moves on the ice, Moore often asks herself, “What Would Barbara Do?” 

The team laughed when reminded of the memorable Fuser Poli stare at the 2006 Olympics in Turin, Italy after her partner had fallen in the Short Program.

Fabian Bourzat, retired French medalist, “shows great confidence in his creative decisions,” quipped Klaber. “He’s naturally artistic.”

Moore will be a freshman at the University of Michigan in September, majoring in Kinesiology…the study of body movement.  Her excitement was difficult to contain…  her demeanor euphoric in anticipation of life as a Wolverine college student.

Klaber talked about his painting interest and the “messes” he creates.  When prodded further, the skater shared that in high school two portfolios had been submitted to the Cleveland Art Institute. 

An art career was pushed to the backburner when the day after his 2012 graduation, Moore and Klaber moved to Bloomfield Hills, MI to train full time with Angelika Krylova and Pasquale Camelengo.  

Moore and Klaber next compete August 27-31 at the JGP event in Ljavijana, Slovenia. 

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