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Japanese, Russian, Italian ladies win


MAO ASADA (JPN) is first, Carolina Kostner (ITA) second and Julia Lipnitskaia (RUS) is third.  All three achieved a new personal best score.

Mao Asada cleanly landed the difficult 3A, followed by a 3F and 3Lo+2Lo combination.  Her spins and footwork were Level4.  The scored a record breaking 78.66 points by surpassing Yuna Kim’s (KOR) 2010 Olympics gold medal score. “I think that today’s short program was probably one of the best three programs that I skated in my whole career”, smiled the two-time World Champion.

Carolina Kostner did a 3Lo, 2A, and 3F+3T combination and earned Level4 for two spins and her footwork.  The 2012 World Champion angelically glided over the ice to the beautiful strains of Ave Maria and mesmerized the audience. “It was an honor to go on the ice and skate. I felt the appreciation of the people,” Kostner said. She scored 77.24 points.

Julia Lipnitskaia nailed a 3Lz+3T combination, 3F, 2A, and received Level4 for her awesome trademark spins. The European Champions skated to “You don’t Give up on Love”.  The fifteen year-old said, “I am just so excited because it was the best program of the season.  I was able to show my level after the disappointing performance in Sochi.”  Lipnitskaia scored 74.54 points.

Akiko Suzuki (JPN) was 4th with 71.02, Gracie Gold (USA) 5th earned 70.31 and Anna Pogorilaya (RUS) was 6th with 66.26. Their scores were all a personal best.


Mao Asada (JPN) won her third World Championship, Julia Lipnitskaia (RUS) moved from third to second to win the silver, and Carolina Kostner (ITA) took home the bronze.

Mao Asada landed four clean triples and earned Level4 for her spins and footwork. The reining GPF gold medalist was dinged with negative or zero GOE marks in five of her twelve elements. Her 3A attempt was under-rotated. Skating to Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2, the home crowd favorite treated the audience to what may be her final competitive performance. Asada received 138.03 points and a personal best 216.69 total.

Julia Lipnitskaia landed four clean triples but lost points for her 3S fall and a wrong edge takeoff for both 3Lz jumps. She earned Level4 for her spins and footwork. The tiny fifteen year-old interpreted the somber music of Schindler’s List through the eyes of the familiar child in a red coat. “Each competition this season has brought new emotions and feelings.  I will remember this for the rest of my life”, she said. Lipnitskaia earned 132.96 points and a total 207.50 score.

Carolina Kostner was sixth in the Free Program, but won the bronze medal. She landed three triples, but singled (popped) two and fell on the 3T backend of the combination.  The Olympic bronze medalist earned Level4 spins and footwork.  Skating to the daunting beat of Ravel’s Bolero, Kostner was frustrated with her performance, but appreciative of the audience. “The Japanese crowd helped me so much to keep going. They cheered me until the end”, said the 27 year old.  The program score was 126.59 and 203.83 total points.

Anna Pogorilaya (RUS) placed 3rd in the Free Program and pulled up to 4th. Gracie Gold (USA) dropped to 5th. Akiko Suzuki (JPN) placed 6th. Ashley Wagner and Polina Edmonds, both USA were 7th and 8th.

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