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At the Iceberg Skating Palace on Wednesday evening, the stage was set for the Ladies’ Short Program.  Reining Olympic medalist, Yu-Na Kim (Gold) and Mao Asada (Silver) were favored to duel for the 2014 title.

The partisan crowd, however, had their bets placed on dark horse, Russian teen phenom, Julia Lipnitskaya, who had rocked the skating world during the Team Event.

Several others, including, the just-turned 27 year-old, Carolina Kostner, and Americans Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner were considered podium long shots.

Yu-Na Kim skated 17th and soared into first place.  The “Ice Queen” was elegant and mesmerizing, performing to “Send in the Clowns”.  She earned 74.92 points

Carolina Kostner angelically glided across the ice to the familiar strains of the Latin hymn, “Ave Maria”. The five-time European Champion skated with a peaceful and reverend awe.

Julia Lipnitskaya opened with a difficult 3Lz+3T combination, but crashed to the ice during the 3F. A collective, “Ahhhh,” from the audience echoed across Russia. The dreams of a gold medal disappeared, just as it had earlier when the hockey team was defeated by Finland.

Adelina Sotnikova, the forgotten Russian, was flawless. The 17 year old opted for a safer 3T+3T combination but used her Level4 spins and step sequence to beat the leader in the technical mark.  She scored 74.64, just .28 points out of first place.

The final skater was Mao Asado.  Her disastrous skate had mishaps on all three jump passes, including a fall on the 3A.  In the Kiss & Cry, the Japanese medalist sat stoically holding back tears in spite of the bitter disappointment. She placed 17th with 55.51 points.

The US Ladies placed 4th, 6th, and 7th. Gracie Gold skated a flawless program and earned 68.63 points. Ashley Wagner two footed her opening 3Lz+3T combination and earned 65.21. Polina Edmonds, 15, under rotated the back end of her 3Lz+3T combination, but had Level4 in two spins.

Canadians, Kaetlyn Osmond, 13th and Gabrielle Daleman, 19th qualified for the Free Skate.

1. Yu-Na Kim
2. Adelina Sotnikova
3. Carolina Kostner
4. Gracie Gold
5. Julia Lipnitskaya
6. Ashley Wagner
7. Polina Edmonds
16.  Mao Asada

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