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Сладкий вкус победы – The sweet taste of victory…

 Adelina Sotnikova came out from behind the shadow of Julia Lipnitskaya and won Russia’s first Olympic gold medal in Ladies’ Figure Skating.

Earlier In the Team Event, the four-time Russian Champion had been passed over in favor of the “baby ballerina” who became an instant sensation when she helped win the inaugural gold medal.

On Thursday evening at the Iceberg Skating Palace it was Sotnikova’s time to shine.  Her 7 clean triples, Level4 spins and step sequence earned 149.95 and 1st place.

Yu-Na Kim lacked the emotional passion a Tango deserves. The 2013 World Champion did six triples including two 3Lz jumps, but no 3Loop. Her Layback spin received only a Level3. Kim and Sotnikova were a hair’s breath apart in the interpretive mark, but Kim’s technical score fell six points short of the teenager.  The program earned 144.19 and 2nd place.

Italy’s Carolina Kostner performed to skating’s iconic musical piece, “Bolero”. The five-time European Champion captivated the audience with grace and elegance, but was only rewarded with 142.61 points and 3rd place.

The 2014 US National Champion, Gracie Gold, opened with a solid 3Lz+3T, but fell on a 3F. Her spins all earned Level4. The Californian skated to Tchaikovsky’s, Sleeping Beauty and earned 136.90 points and placed 4th.

Russian prodigy Julia Lipnitskaya placed 5th with 135.34 points. The serious fifteen-year old in a red coat skated to Shindler’s List.

In the Short Program, the expectations of an entire country weighed too heavily on her tiny shoulders and she fell. In the Free program, she stumbled and fell again.

Lipnitskaya cuddled with her coach in the Kiss & Cry as the audience screamed, “Julia! Julia!”  “I wanted to skate my best today,” she told them, “but it didn’t work.  I’ve lost control over my jumps, and emotions,.”

Mao Asada skated to a Rachmaninov Piano Concerto and scored a season’s best 142.71 points. She hit every jumping pass, including the 3A that deserted her in the Short Program. It was sweet redemption for the 2013 GPF Champion who vaulted from 16th to 6th place.

Americans Ashley Wagner and Polina Edmunds finished 7th and 9th respectively.

It’s figure skating, so the results had mixed opinions.

Dick Button, “Sotnikova was energetic, strong, commendable, but not a complete skater.

Elvis Stojko, “It was totally fair. Kim didn’t have enough technical ammunition.”



  •  Yu-Na Kim of South Korea announced her retirement after the 2014 Olympics.
  • Gracie Gold has a twin sister named Carly.
  • Carolina Kostner carried the Italian flag at the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy.
  • Asiko Suzuko has had the same coach for over a decade.
  • Kerstin Frank (AUT) serves in the Army.
  • Peter Tchernyshev, former US ice dancer with partner, Naomi Lang, choreographed the gold medal program for Adelina Sotnikova.
  • Mae Berenice Meite (FRA) and Brooklee Han (AUS) play the violin.
  • Ashley Wagner had her skates lost by the airlines enroute to the 2013 World Championships in London, ON, Canada
  • Polina Edmunds goes to the same high school Olympic Gold Medalists, Brandy Chastain (soccer) and Kerri Walsh-Jennings (beach volleyball) attended.
  • Natalie Popova skates for Ukraine and trains in Hackensack, NJ with Victor Petrenko.  Her parents are medical doctors in Toronto, ON, Canada.
  • Jenna McCorkell (GBR) is married to retired Belgian skater, Kevin Van der Perran.
  • Mao Asado landed her first 3A at age 12.
  • Julia Lipnitskaya was eligible for the 2014 Olympics by just 26 days.
  • Ashley Wagner was born in Heidelberg, Germany. She traveled the world while her father was a career military officer.
  • Gracie Gold juggled on the US nationally televised Tonight Show before leaving for Sochi.

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