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GOLD      Rimsky–Korsakov
SILVER    Glazunov
BRONZE  Tchaikovsky

A century before Ice Dancing was introduced to the Olympics, Rimsky-Korsakov, Glazunov, and Tchaikovsky set the scene for the 2014 Sochi Winter Games Free Dance competition.

On February 17, 2014, ice dancers wove the melodic strains of those Russian composers’  music into medal winning programs.

Meryl Davis+Charlie White skated to Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scherazade and scored a record setting 116.63 points and gave the US its first Ice Dancing gold medal.

The reining World Champions blended spectacular lifts, whip-lashing twizzles, and precise footwork into a breath-taking winning performance to the familiar violin tones.

“It all came together for us,” grinned White.

 Tessa Virtue+Scott Moir, 2010 Olympic gold medalists, superbly skated an artistic performance to Glazunov’s underused, ”Petite Adagio” and “Waltz in Concerto No2”. The light and lyrical piano chords served as a background for the tale of the Canadian couple’s life journey together.

The program earned 114.66 points and was a record for five minutes until broken by the Americans.

“That was our best performance of the year for that program,” said Scott. “It was our baby, and it was special for us to perform it for the last time.”

Elena Ilinykh+Nikita Katsalapov struck their final pose to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and the partisan audience roared thunderous approval and showered the ice with flowers.

The young Russians received all but one Level 4, and that was a Level3 in the Circular Step Sequence.  At times the team showed a visible gap between partners, skating not quite as close as the more experienced gold and silver medalists.

The 3rd placed team earned 110.44 points.

The French team of Nathalie Perchalat+Fabian Bourzat skated to several musical selections as they told the story of The Little Prince and the Rose.   The two-time European Champions placed 4th.

  • 5. Bobrova+Soloviev (RUS)

6. Caappellini+Lanotte (ITA)

7. Kaitlyn Weaver+Andrew Poje (CAN)

8. Madison Chock+Evan Bates (USA)

9. Maia Shibutani+Alex Shibutani (USA)

10. Penney Coomes+Nicholas Buckland (GBR)



  • Natalie Perchalat+Fabian Bourzat retired after the 2014 Olympic games.
  • Elena Ilinykh+Nikita Katsalapov collaborated with Cirque du Soliel members to create their lifts
  • Tessa Virtue studied for three years with the Canadian ballet
  • Nicholas Buckland had heart surgery in October, 2013
  • Meryl Davis was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 9.
  • Canadian dancer, Geoffrey Tyler taught Weaver+ Poje tap dance steps for their SD to 42nd Street, which he choreographed
  • Isabelle Tobias (LTU) was born in the USA and studied for 5 years with the NYC Ballet.
  • Nelli Zhiganshina skates for Germany. Ruslan Zhiganshin skates for Russia.  They are sister and brother.
  • Madison Chock+Evan Bates are each World Junior Champions, but with different partners.
  • Deividas Stagniunas carried the Lithuanian flag in the 2014 Olympic Opening Ceremonies.
  • Charlie White played on a Michigan state hockey championship team.
  • Maia+Alex Shibutani have their own YouTube channel – ShibSibs
  • DWTS, Derek Hough and Corky Ballas helped choreograph the SD for Davis+White and the Shibutanis.
  • Evan Bates graduated from the University of Michigan in December 2013.
  • 14/20 Free Skate finalists train part time or full time in Michigan, USA

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