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At the 2014 Winter Olympics, figure skaters will compete for a TEAM TROPHY prior to the individual skating competitions.  The teams are chosen based on scores from major international figure skating competitions that took place in the two years prior to the Winter games. Ten countries have qualified teams

  • Each country selects its own team members.
  • Each team consists of six skaters – one man, one lady, one pair team and one ice dance team.
  • The skaters must have been chosen by their countries to compete in the individual competition.
  • The first half of the competition is the Short Programs skated by all TEN countries.
  • After the Short Programs, the top FIVE teams compete in the Free Program.
  • Between the Short Program and the Free Program, each team has the option to replace up to 2 entries: 
    1. Two single skaters or one single skater (Lady or Man) plus one couple (Pair or Dance)
    2. Both the pair and ice dance couple
  • Using the two best scores in different disciplines from each team will break a tie.
  • Every skater on the teams who place in the top three at the Team competition, will be awarded an Olympic Gold (1), Silver (2) Bronze (3) medal at the completion of the Team event.


SCHEDULE: (all times are EST)




THURSDAY 2/6/2014 10:30 am Team event pair short
Team event men short
SATURDAY2/8/2014 9:30 am 


11:00 am


Team event short dance
Team event ladies short
Team event pair free
SUNDAY2/9/2014 10:00 am Team event men free
Team event ice dance free
Team event ladies free



Several countries have opted not to announce their Ladies and Ice Dance team members until Friday (2/7) since they don’t compete until Saturday (2/8).


  • Men – Patrick Chan
  • Ladies – 
  • Pairs – Duhamel + Radford
  • Dance


  • Men – Yan Han
  • Ladies – Kexin Zhang
  • Pairs – Pong + Zhang   
  • Dance – Huang + Zheng


  • Men – Florent Amodio
  • Ladies – Mae-Berenice Meite
  • Pairs – James+Cipres
  • Dance – 


  • Men – Peter Liebers    
  • Ladies – Nathalie Weinzierl
  • Pairs – Wende + Wende
  • Dance


  • Men – Matthew Parr
  • Ladies – Jenna McCorkell
  • Pairs – Kemp/King
  • Dance – Coomes + Buckland


  • Men – Paul Bonifacio Parkinson
  • Ladies – 
  • Pairs – Berton + Hotarek
  • Dance – 


  • Men – Yuzuru Hanyu
  • Ladies – Mao Asada / Akiko Suziki
  • Pairs –   Takahashi + Kihara
  • Dance – Reed + Reed


  • Men – Evgeni Plushenko
  • Ladies – Julia Lipnitskaia
  • Pairs –   Volosozhar + Trankov
  • Dance – 


  • Men – Yakaov Godorozha
  • Ladies – Natalia Popova
  • Pairs –   Lavrentieva + Rudyk
  • Dance – 


  • Men – Jeremy Abbott/ Jason Brown
  • Ladies – Ashley Wagner/Gracie Gold
  • Pairs –   Castelli + Shnapir
  • Dance – Davis + White

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