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Day 3 of the European Championships

Friday started with the Pairs Short Program. Reigning European Champions Volosozhar/Trankov skated a flawless performance (83.98 points), with level 4 on every element and many 10 as Grades Of Execution. ” We achieved a season best; during the whole season we have skated a clean Short Program, so it’s a good result so far. We were happy to skate in front of this full ice rink, the fans were very loud and of course it’s good to have such a good support.”
Germans Savchenko/Szolkowy placed second with 76.76 points: Aliona stepped out in the throw 3 Flip and their GOEs were not as high as the Russians’. Nonetheless, they also received level 4 on every element. “We did some small mistakes today. It was tough for us to prepare for the competition last week, we didn’t skate in our full power. and of course that was the result of our preparation. I think I can say that we are sitting here in second place and looking for doing a better free Program than what we did today.”
Russians Bazarova/Larionov placed third after successfully landing their side by side 3 Toeloops and throw 3 Flip. They received level 4 expect for the 3 Twist (level 3) and Death Spiral (level 1), earning 71.60 points. “We are very pleased with our performance. We were finally able to approach it with a cool mindset. We  did everything good and showed good elements and powerful interpretaton.”
The day ended with the Ladies Long Program. Yulia Lipnitskaya won the competition with 209.72 points – 139.75 in the Long Program – executing seven triple jumps, two triple axels and level 4 spins. “I was very nervous before my skate, my legs were shaking but fortunately in the second half of the program I was able to pull myself together and skate a good program. I always thought that emotions would distract me during the program, but actually they helped me a lot in performing better.”
Team mate Adelina Sotnikova earned the silver medal for the second time in a row, with 131.63 points in the Long and 202.36 overall. Ecept for the initial step-out in the 3 Lutz, the Russian skater executed six triples (although the Loop was under-rotated), two double axels and a level 4, 3 and 1 on the spins. “I am pleased with this silver medal. I am happy that I could perform my program the way I did. This silver medal feels like gold to me, because I knew it would have been impossible to beat Yulia.”
Reigning champion Carolina Kostner grabbed the bronze medal with 191.39 points overall (122.42 in the Long Program). After completing a 3 Lutz, 2 Axel, 3 Flip-2 Toeloop, she doubled the 3 Loop and fell on the 3 Toeloop. She executed well the remaining jumps, steps and spins. “I was here ten years ago at the European Championships. I saw Julia Sebestyen win and looked at her with big eyes, dreaming on getting on the podium one day. I think I have taken her place five times already. It has been a pleasure to skate here. Skating here i BUdapest has been the best practice I could have had towards the Olympic Games.”

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