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Day 2 of the European Championships

The second day of the European Championships started at the SYMA Hall with the Men Short Program.

Reigning European Champion Javier Fernandez placed first with 91.56 points, landing successfully a 4 Salchow, a 3 Axel and a 3 Lutz-3 Toe Loop combo. ” Today I had a lot of people cheering for me in the crowd. It’s even weird to see how many fans with Spanish flags I have here!!”

Russian Sergei Voronov earned the second place with a 4 Toe-4 Toe combinaton, a 3 Loop (planned quadruple) and a 3 Axel. The program was worth 85.51 points. “I am very pleased with my performance today. Except for the two spins – I didn’t get the level I was hoping for – I am very happy to be in second place right now.”

Tomas Verner was third with 83.51 points, having troubles landing the 4 Toeloop but recovering with a 3 Axel and a 3 Lutz-3Toe combination. “I am very happy to be here with these two amazing skaters. In the pat years I had always disqualified myself in the Long Program, now I did a good Short and want to do a good Long as well.”

The Ice Dance final took place in the evening, with the battle between Italians Cappellini/Lanotte and Russians Ilinykh/Katsalapov still wide open.
The Milan duo won it, with 102.03 points in the competition segment and 171.61 overall. The Italians performed a solid program, with level 4 on every element (except for the steps, both level 3), skating to Rossini’s Il Barbiere Di Siviglia. “We wanted ot go out and skate a good performance, of course while trying to handle the pressure. That’s what we did tonight. so we’re happy with our skating, scores and result.It is definitely as good as it could have been for us.”
The Russians earned 100.97 points, with level 3 on twizzles and the first step sequence, and level 2 on the second steps. The other elements of their program Swan Lake earned a level 4. They performed a good Dance until Elena fell in the extra feature of the twizzles, during the second half of the program. “It’s sport. Sometimes it happens. We were skating 100 percent from the beginning, but mistakes like these happen sometimes. We know that we were skating with our soul, and did everything we could.”
The bronze medal was earned by the British Coomes/Buckland. Skating to a Michael Jackson’s medley, Platov’s pupils obtained level 4 on everything except the two step sequences and the final rotational lift (level 3). They obtained 96.93 points. “We love Michael Jackson. We wanted to go into Sochi with somethng we knew we could connect with. We knew that, during the Olympic year, many people would go with classical music for their choices. But you can also feel deeply Michael Jackson’s music, so that’s why we chose it.”

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