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 Chan (CO) captured his seventh Canadian title at the 2014 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships with a total score of 277.42. Skating to Four Seasons by Vivaldi in his free program, Chan nailed a quadruple-toe, triple-toe combination and triple axel. He doubled his second quadruple-toe attempt. He earned a Level four for his step sequence, flying sit spin, and camel combination spin.

“The program was a little bit shaky here and there. But if I look at it as a whole, I just missed the quad toe and did it into a double toe, but other than that it was good, in my opinion” Chan said.

“I am so proud to be Canadian and to skate for Canada. To go to these next Olympics being the seven time national champion is huge. It is just so easy to overlook it. But mistakes like yesterday keep me humble and make me realize how Nationals isn’t easy and I cannot overlook it ” Chan added.

Reynolds (BC/YK) moved up a spot to earn the silver medal with a total of 242.45 points. Although Reynolds had problems with many of his jump elements, he earned a Level four for his step sequence and flying camel combination spin.

“I definitely needed this heading into Sochi” Reynolds said.

“The past two weeks have actually been very nerve-wracking for me because nothing had been going well in training. So to be able to do this, even though it was far from perfect, I am very satisfied” Reynolds continued.

Skating to “The Bolt” by Dmitri Shastakovich, Firus (BC/YK) won the bronze medal with a competition score of 238.13. In the free program, the 21-year-old skater was downgraded on his triple axel, but received positive GOEs from the judges for his triple lutz-triple toe combination, triple lutz and triple toe-double toe combination. His step sequence received a Level three and his flying camel combination spin and camel combination spin garnered a Level four.



Osmond (AB/NT/NU) successfully defended her national title with a total score of 207.24.  A triple flip-double toe, double axel-triple toe, triple lutz and a triple toe-double toe, double toe, highlighted Osmond’s free program, which she skated to selections from the Mission Cleopatre Soundtrack. Her flying camel combination spin, step sequence and camel combination spin each obtained Level four.

“I am very proud of it. It’s exactly what I wanted to do in this program and it’s the way that I’ve been practicing. It’s the first time I’ve done an actually clean program in competition for a long program so I am super excited. I’m still in shock” said Osmond.

Daleman (CO) skated a strong free program to secure the silver medal with 182.47 points. She nailed a triple lutz-triple toe and double axel-triple toe combination The 2012 Junior Women’s Canadian Figure Skating Champion obtained a Level four for her flying camel spin and layback spin, but her step sequence and camel combination spin each warranted a Level three.

“I’m really happy with that skate. I was a little nervous going on before knowing what is on the line with Sochi but I just talked to myself and calmed myself down” Daleman said.

Daleman surpassed her previous best score of 174 at this competition.

Lacoste (QC) earned the bronze medal with a total competition score of 166.69. The 2012 Canadian Senior Women’s Canadian Figure Skating Champion struggled in the free program with her jump elements, but her flying camel spin, step sequence and camel combination spin each attained Level four.



 Duhamel and Radford (QC) won their third Canadian senior pair title with a total score of 213.62. Skating a near flawless free program to Alice in Wonderland by Elfman, Duhamel and Radford performed a Level three triple twist, side-by-side triple lutzes, throw triple loop and a throw triple lutz. Their lifts, backward outside death spirals and spin elements each earned Level four. Their only mistake came on their side-by-side triple salchow combination jumps when she fell on the triple salchow.

The silver medalists were Moore-Towers and Moscovitch (WO) who obtained 209.44 points.  In their free program, Moore-Towers and Moscovitch obtained a Level two for their triple twist and level two for their backward outside death spiral. They achieved Level four for their lifts, pairs’ combination spin and side-by-side pair flying combination spins.

“Of course we wanted it to be gold but we had a bit of a mistake in the long program. It was uncharacteristic and we don’t intend on it happening again. But, it led us to second place. Meagan and Eric give us a run for our money every time. They are tough competitors every time” Moore-Towers commented.

“At the same time, our preparation for this event was spot on” Moscovitch said.

“We both felt great out there. We definitely put our time in for this event and it paid off. We both felt great in both programs” Moscovitch added.

Lawrence and Swiegers (SK) received the bronze medal with a total competition score of 176.31. Lawrence and Swiegers earned a Level four for their side-by-side flying combination spins, pair combination spin and two lifts in their free program skated to selections from Oz the Great and Powerful soundtrack.

“I am just so happy. I’m so relieved right now. It’s been a dream of mine for a really long time” Lawrence said.

“There’s really nothing you can say. We’ve been working on this for ten plus years. We’re really excited about what we did out there today and just overcome with all emotion. We’re just excited” Swiegers added.



 Virtue and Moir (WO), who have been skating together since 1997, captured their sixth national senior ice dance title with an overall score of 194.03 setting a new Canadian record. With the exception of their synchronized twizzles, all of Virtue and Moir’s elements earned a Level four.

“It was a great performance. Obviously there was a little slip up on the last twizzle but overall I don’t think that is a big deal. I know I can do that” Virtue said.

“I think that we’re right on track. The point is to peak in Sochi so it would be alarming if we skated perfectly in both programs here. I think that we’re right where we need to be” Virtue continued.

Weaver and Poje (NO), who are also an elite ice dance team in the world, won the silver medal with a total competition score of 183.54. They skated their free dance to selections from the album, Maria de Buenos Aires: Tango Operita and their rotational lift and diagonal in hold step sequence garnered a Level three while their other elements each warranted a Level four.

“We are just so happy to put out those two performances” Weaver said.

“We’re definitely proud of our performances and to think back on where we were four years ago, even last year, I feel that’s made us into the people that we are and I feel that we’ve used that to prove to the people and ourselves that we want to be there and we want to be on the top” Poje added.

“We did exactly what we planned on doing and I think that is priceless experience going into the Olympics Games” Weaver continued.

Paul and Islam (CO) claimed the bronze medal with170.64 points. Paul and Islam, who train at the Detroit Skating Club in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, received positive GOE’s from all of the judges for all of their elements. The team’s elements each received a Level four other than their diagonal step sequence that obtained a Level three.

“We got over a hundred points [in the free dance] and that is definitely new for us. It’s just such an amazing feeling. I cannot even express it. I don’t even know what to say” Paul said.

“This whole year we believed that we could do it. But, at the same time when it happens it’s so unbelievable. We’re ecstatic; we’re speechless. This is just the most amazing moment probably in my whole life right now” Islam added.

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