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Novice Men

The 2014 Canadian Novice Men’s Champion is Joseph Phan (QC). The 2014 Skate Canada Challenge Novice Men’s champion earned a total score of 119.84 which was higher than the score that he earned at Skate Challenge about a month earlier. His free program was highlighted by a double axel, double toe combination and triple-toe, double toe combination. In addition, he earned a level three for his flying sit spin, flying camel combination spin and step sequence. Phan achieved a level four for his camel combination spin.

After being in 7th place after the short program, Edrian Paul Celestino (QC) won the silver medal with a total score of 115.60. Josh Allen (EO) secured the bronze medal with a total competition score of 107.30.

Novice Women

Sarah Tamura (BC/YK) is the 2014 Canadian Novice Women’s Champion. Tamura, who was fifth at the 2014 Skate Challenge competition, successfully completed a triple loop in her free program as well as a double axel, double toe combination and double lutz, double toe combination. She achieved a level four for her camel combination spin.

Kim Decelles (QC) narrowly edged Tamura’s training mate, Megan Yim (BC/YK) for the silver medal, with a score of 105.72. Megan Yim (BC/YK), the 2014 Skate Canada Challenge Champion, achieved 105.31 points to win the bronze medal.

Novice Pair

Keelee Gingrich and Davin Portz (AB/NT/NU), who train with Annabelle Langlois and Cody Hay, clinched the gold medal with a score of 108.06. Gingrich and Portz, who became a pair team two years ago, earned a level four for their group 4 lift, pair combination spin and change camel combination spin in their free program.

“Our goal coming into this competition was to do our best” Portz said.

“We just wanted to do the elements that we didn’t do right at Challenge and show improvement” Gingrich added.

Allison Eby and Brett Varley (WO), the 2014 Skate Canada Challenge Pair champions, earned the silver medal with 106.00 points. Naomie Boudreau and Cedric Savard (QC) won the bronze medal with 97.80. All three of the Canadian Novice Pair medalists improved upon their total scores from the Challenge competition.

Novice Dance

In nearly their third season as a dance team, Valerie Taillefer and Jason Chan (QC) won the gold medal with a score of 90.54. Taillefer and Chan, who are also the 2014 Skate Canada Challenge Novice Dance Champions, achieved a level four for their combination spin, straight line lift, curve lift and rotational lift.

With their success at the 2014 Canadian Skating Championships, Taillefer and Chan hope to make a successful transition to Junior level competition next season and obtain an international assignment on the ISU Junior Grand Prix circuit.

Hannah Whitley and Elliott Graham (CO) acquired the silver medal with a total competition score of 87.12 and Megan Koenig-Croft and Jake Richardson (CO) obtained the bronze medal with a total score of 80.54.

Junior Men

Denis Margolik (CO), who trains in Richmond Hill, Ontario, won the 2014 Junior Men’s title at the 2014 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships with a combined score of 181.43. This score is a new personal best score for Margolik and he was happy that he was able to improve upon his previous personal best score. In his free program, Margolik nailed a double axel, triple loop combination, triple lutz, double toe, double loop combination and triple flip, double toe combination.

Although Margolik started to train the triple axel and quadruple jumps this past summer, he and his coaches made the decision to put that on hold so as not to risk anything.

Bennett Toman (QC), achieved the silver medal, with 173.83 total points, followed by Eric Liu (BC/YK) who secured the bronze medal with a total score of 171.54.

Junior Women

Kim DeGuise Levellee (QC) won the gold medal in the Junior Women’s event after being in third after the short program. Levellee did not give up after the short program. She was confident in her ability to perform better in the free program after popping a jump in her short program. Her free program was packed with difficult jump elements, including a triple flip, triple loop, double toe combination and triple toe. Her second triple loop was under-rotated. She achieved a level four for her camel combination spin and her flying sit spin. She obtained a total competition score of 128.17.

After finishing second last in this event last season, Levellee switched coaches and her goal was to win this competition this year.

This determined athlete hopes to have a triple lutz and triple, triple combination in her arsenal next year.

“I am very proud of me” Levellee said.

Julianne Delaurier (BC/YK) obtained the silver medal with a total score of 120.06 points. After winning the short program, Dunley (CO) acquired the bronze medal with a total score of 119.60 points.


Vanessa Grenier and Maxine Deschamps (QC) skated to the gold medal in the Junior Pair event with a total score of 149.51 points. Grenier and Deschamps, who have only been skating together since June 2013, were able to obtain level fours for a couple of their lifts, their flying camel combination spin and their pair combination spin.

Grenier, a former senior level women’s competitor in Canada, wanted to make new goals for herself and decided to try pairs.

“After three days of training together, our coach said to us “try a throw triple”” Grenier said.

Grenier and Deschamps, who are also the 2013 Skate Challenge champions, were focused on a podium finish, not the gold medal position. Grenier admitted that as the season unfolded, their goals became bigger and bigger.

“It wasn’t the goal at all to become junior champs. We just aimed for the podium” Deschamps said.

Julianne Seguin and Charlie Bilodeau (QC) won the silver medal with 147.82 total points. Mary Orr and Phelan Simpson (WO) vaulted from sixth position after the short program to secure the bronze medal with a total competition score of 121.90.


Mackenzie Bent and Garrett MacKeen (EO) won the Junior Dance title with a total score of 141.14. Bent and MacKeen skated an entertaining program to selections performed by the Carpenters.

“We wanted something boppy and kind of like our personalities. We came across Grease, but that’s been used so many times. Our coach loved the album and thought that maybe this would work. We went through all of the pieces and selected the ones that we like the most. The program is a lot of fun to do. It’s a great program” Bent said.

Melinda Meng and Andrew Meng (QC) captured the silver medal and Brianna Delmaestro and Timothy Lum (BC/JK) obtained the bronze medal.

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