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2014 ISU European Championships ~ Day 1

The 2014 Figure Skating Championships kicked off with the ladies Short Program.

First and winner of the small gold medal is Adelina Sotnikova, with 70.73 points. She successfully completed a 3Toe-3Toe combination, a 3Flip and a 2Axel. She received level 3 and 4 on steps and spins. “I haven’t completed a perfect Short Program yet” the Russian national champion explained “I can still improve on the Axel and a spin, where I slowed down today. Now I must concentrate on my Free Program.”

Star on the rising Yulia Lipnitskaia is in second place with 69.97 points. No major mistakes for her as well, excluding a wrong edge called on the 3Lutz. She received level 4 for all the other elements. “I could have executed better the 3Flip, because it was a little bit low, but overall I am very satisfied. These are my first European Championships and I am quite tired from all the competitions I have been doing this season. But I cannot afford to be nervous now because I cannot waste any energy in this part of the season.”

Reigning European Champion Carolina Kostner is in third place with 68.97 points. She executed well all the jumps, but missed some levels on the spins – level 3 and 2 – thus losing some points. ” I didn’t think I would be creating a new program before this competition, but it happened and I am happy I had the opportunity to create a new choreography with Lori Nichol.”


The second and last competition of the day was the Short Dance. With the absence of reining European Champions Bobrova/Soloviev and former champions Pechalat/Bourzat, Cappellini/Lanotte and Ilinykh/Katsalapov were expected to be fighting for the gold medal. And that is what happened. Current bronze medalists Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte are first after the Short Dance with 69.58 points, a new personal best for them. They receive all level 4 except for the step sequence (level 3). “We worked hard after the Grand Prix Final to perform a solid program here, and we did it. But this won’t influence our mind-setting towards tomorrow. At the beginning we, especially Luca, felt a bit nervous, but as the program went by, we felt better and better. We had such a perfect connection at the end of the dance, we really enjoyed that.”

The Russians Elena Ilinykh & Nikita Katsalapov are chasing the Italians with 69.54 points. They received slightly higher Program Components, but achieved a level 3 and a 4 in the Pattern and a level 2 in the steps. “A part from the mistake on the midline, we performed a great program and had good feelings on the ice. We will try to keep these good feelings and emotions for tomorrow’s skate.”

The British Penny Coomes & Nick Buckland are in third place with 61.76 points, winning for the first time a small medal at the European Championships. They received a level 2 on the first Pattern, levl 3 in the Twizzles and steps and level 4 in the final lift and in the second Pattern. “After Trophée Bompard we went back to New Jersey to work hard for this competition, and we are happy that so far it has payed off. We have a shot at the bronze medal, it’s going to be a fight tomorrow evening but are solely going to focus on one element at a time, without rushing through the program.”

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