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Max Axes A Quad

Max Aaron, reining US Men’s Champion, had a frustrating Grand Prix Series. After NHK, the former hockey player returned to Colorado and did some serious soul searching. To achieve his goal of representing the US on the Olympic Team, he needed to make some changes in his programs. “After NHK, I had a lot of discussions with my support staff, and there were several options. We decided to go back to 2 Quads (instead of 3) in the Long Program. We asked Lori (Nichol), and she worked with the music and jump order to make it something I’m comfortable with”.

Max is looking forward to Nationals in Boston so he can erase the unpleasant memories of the GP Series. “After the NHK competition, I was embarrassed and disgusted by my lack of performance. It was just jumps, jumps, jumps”, said the Arizona native. When I see myself competing and my component scores not going up, it’s very frustrating. I consider myself a risk taker and thought going into this Olympic year, if there was one person who could handle doing 3 Quads, it was me. However, I want to be a complete skater, not one who just does jumps. That’s why we took out the third Quad. Fortunately I came to my senses. This is the path I want to take for the Championships”.

Aaron thinks the re-choreographed program moves smoother with more fluidity. Technical elements, including increased spin levels, have been added to make up the difference in the lost third Quad points. The music remains Carmen, but with some different sections added. He’s keeping it a secret so the audience will be surprised. Max did drop a hint, however, that if he makes the Olympic and World team, and his skating is going well, the third Quad could reappear.

At Boston’s TD Garden in January, 2014, Max Aaron will skate out to the US National’s 100th Anniversary logo at center ice, strike a pose, and begin the defense of his title. His Olympic hopes and dreams rest on skating the program he’s waited all year to perform.


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