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TEB-SD-Article2013The standings after the Short Dance were the one everyone expected: Virtue/Moir in first place, homecrowd favourites Péchalat/Bourzat in second place and Russians Ilinykh/Katsalapov in third place.

The Canadians obtained 75.31 points: “We are happy with our first Grand Prix. We had a lot of changes since Skate Canada: it was a very successful skating today, we are very excited towards the Free Dance. We moved the twizzle, it makes a lot of sense for us now and the way the music is cut. We can get the first three elements done and then just dance. I think we’ll build on that.”

The French, who obtained 70.59 and were the only ones to gain two level 4 on the Finnstep, commented “We are quite happy about our performance today. I guess it was technically stronger than in China, we are happy about it. We are glad that we were skating in front of home public, it was a great pleasure for us. After Cup Of China we focused on the key points, we changed a little bit the slow part because the judges wanted to see more Quickstep into the Short Dance. We didn’t know about it , so we had to change it after Cup of China, we had just a week to work on it unfortunately.”

The Russians obtained 69.07: “We felt really good today. We had just one day in Moscow after NHK: we slept all day and then came here. The atmosphere is nice here, the weather is good. We feel so good about our performance – we did our best and we did so much better than the Japanese Grand Prix, we felt really good.”

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