Machida (JPN) earned the gold medal by winning the men’s short and men’s free skates with a total competition score of 265.38. This total score was a personal best for Machida. The highlights of his program included a quadruple toe and a triple axel, triple toe combination.

“Since April, I reconsidered and really wanted to rebuild my technique. I changed by training base to Osaka” said Machida.

Rippon (USA), who trains in Artesia, California, won the silver medal by obtaining a total competition score of 241.24.

“I gave each element 100 percent and I’m pleased that I could fight through and pick the program up after that dangerous looking fall and just keep going to finish strong. Overall, I’m pleased with how I did and that I didn’t hit my head, and I will do even better at my next Grand Prix at NHK [Trophy]” said Rippon.

The silver medal at Skate America was Rippon’s best finish on the Grand Prix scene so far.

Aaron (USA) vaulted from sixth after the short to earn the bronze medal after he earned the second best free skate score of 162.45.

“I opened with a fall on the quad toe. It didn’t go as planned today. That’s ok. I’m going to constantly learn from this program. I have an ambitious program this year and I’m not going to back down. I’m not afraid of it” said Aaron.

Aaron’s next Grand Prix event is NHK Trophy.

Davis and White (USA), the 2013 World Champions, claimed the gold medal with their free dance to Scheherazade. The team earned some perfect component scores for linking footwork/ movement, performance, choreography and interpretation/timing.

“We are pleased with our skate today. It’s still early in the season. We are happy with what we put out there. It was definitely one of our best performances. It’s an exciting start. The crowd was into our program so that was fun. It gives you a little bit of extra energy and we are grateful for that. It was fun” said White.

Cappellini and Lanotte (ITA) won the silver medal and finished second in the free dance. The team selected their music, Overture from Barber of Seville, since they wanted to bring something Italian for the Olympic season.

“We were really pleased with the way we skated. It was harder than yesterday, having lost some training time because of Luca’s neck problem. We had to pull out of Nepela Memorial so we weren’t completely ready, but we were glad that we could skate a clean program. We are happy with the response from the judges. It was a great week for us and we’ll use it to build on for the rest of the season” said Cappellini.

Shibutani and Shibutani (USA), affectionately known as the “shib-sibs”, by training mates and teammates, skated their free dance to Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin by Michael Jackson, Ben by Walter Scharf and Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Alex Shibutani had a fall early in the program, but appeared to recover quickly.

“We had so much energy from the audience and the excitement we had going into this performance was at an all-time high for our career. We were so excited to share what we have been working on this entire summer and for the last year and a half. Obviously you don’t plan on that stuff happening that enabled us to get back up and keep pushing through the program. We got a great experience out of it. We can build on and nail it the next performance” Alex said.

The other American team in the competition, Hubbell and Donohue (USA), skated a strong free dance to Nocturne into Bohemian Rhapsody to finish in fourth place. The team earned a new personal best total score of 152.98.

“I thought it went well and we’ll try to fine tune some of the details at Skate Canada and then during the time before nationals” said Hubbell.

“We’ll work on some of the subtle aspects of our transitions and other elements, and revamp the program and really show something special at nationals” Donohue said.


The 2013 World bronze medalist, Asada (JPN) captured the lead after the short with a score of 73.18. Skating to Nocturne in E Flat major by F. Chopin, Asada, who was able to maintain her focus on the entire performance, nailed her triple flip and triple loop, double loop combination and did a solid triple axel attempt.

“For the past few seasons, I was not able to perform my best at the first Grand Prix so I was very happy that I was able to perform a very good performance. I think that it was very a good start for the season” Asada commented.

The 2013 United States Ladies champion, Wagner, finds herself in second place after her short program to Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd with a score of 69.26. Wagner, who was ecstatic about her performance, was able to successfully land a triple flip, triple loop combination in competition.

“This season I have a completely different mind-set for the triple-triple. I don’t even do triple-double in practice at home anymore. It’s something I’ve taken on. It’s a full-time job now. I only do the triple-triple. That way, when I’m going into the competition, I don’t have any doubts” said Wagner.

The 2013 Junior World Champion, Radionova (RUS), is a surprising third after the short program. Radionova (RUS) accumulated 67.01 points for her program to Anna Karenina and Two Steps from Hell. Her program was highlighted by a triple lutz, double toe combination, triple loop and double axel.

“This competition is a new level for me and I did not expect this result. It’s really nice for me to be here with these great girls, they are all very accomplished skaters. I was very happy with that” Radionova said.



The 2013 World champions, Volosozhar and Trankov (RUS), captured the lead with a season’s best score of 83.05. The highlights of their performance included a spectacular triple twist and throw triple loop.

“We felt uncomfortable feelings on some elements, but we got all the levels we planned and we beat our season-best score. We are happy about the start of this competition. I think it’s great. Now we have to think about tomorrow and our free program” Trankov said.

“Today we did our short program very well. There were some mistakes, but these mistakes were just for us” Volosozhar continued.

“We don’t care so much about the world records. We care about our personal records, about our season’s best, about our skating. It is our pleasure to skate good, and [to have] the audience love it and when the people stand up out of their seats and are very loud and clap their hands, we feel it was most important thing than scores” Trankov added.

The 2013 Canadian silver medalists, Moore-Towers and Moscovitch are in second place with a score of 71.51. Moore-Towers and Moscovitch delivered a charming short program.

“It wasn’t 100 percent perfect, but a great starting point for the season. We are very happy with that short program. It’s a great start to the season for us. We’ve been training very well, we’re excited for this event, and we skated the way we’ve been training. It wasn’t 100 percent perfect, but it’s a great start to the Grand Prix season and we’re looking forward to the long tomorrow” Moscovitch said.

The 2013 Russian bronze medalists, Stolbova and Klimov, delivered a solid performance to Spanish Fantasy which earned them a score of 64.80. The Russians did a double twist lift and solid side-by-side triple-toe loops.

“Today we did well. We did all we planned except maybe one element. We skated well” Klimov said.



The rhythms selected for the 2013-2014 short dance are the quickstep and foxtrot. The reigning World Champions and 2010 Olympic silver medalists, Davis and White (USA) are the leaders with score of 75.70.

“It was a good performance, but it wasn’t perfect” White said.

“It was very exciting to perform here in Detroit. The crowd was very into our performance. We felt the love from the stands” Davis added.

Cappellini and Lanotte (ITA), who have been working regularly with a technical specialist to improve their technique, are in second after the short dance. This strategy appeared to pay off for the Italian duo as they earned a total element score of 36.50, less than a point different from the total element score of Davis and White (USA).

“We are happy with our performance. This is our first competition. We are taking one thing at a time” said Cappellini.

“We are very fond of this dance. We like classical music generally. It is timeless and it never feels old or boring to us” Cappellini added.

The Shibutanis (USA), the brother-sister duo, delivered a crowd pleasing short dance and find themselves in third spot.

“We are really happy with the theme this year for the short dance. These themes allow us to play to our strengths” Maia Shibutani said.



The competition started with the men’s short and ice dance short. After the men’s short, the leader is Tatsuki Machida (JPN) who earned a total score of 91.18. Skating to Unsquare Dance by Dave Brubeck, Machida executed a clean quadruple toe loop, triple toe loop, followed by a triple axel to open his program.

“I am quite happy with my skate today. I was able to skate without any major mistakes. My focus was on the program” said Machida.

“I am not a favourite for the Olympic team, but I am determined to make the Olympic team” Machida continued.

In his debut on the senior Grand Prix circuit, Jason Brown (USA) is in second spot after the short with an ISU even personal best score of 83.78. This young rising American talent did not have a quadruple in his program, but delivered a solid performance to The Question of U by Prince.

“My main goal is to get experience. I want it to be like just another day at the rink. I’m a little bit shocked” said Brown who was beaming after his performance.

Adam Rippon (USA) appeared to have put behind his 2012-2013 season and is in third position with a score of 80.26. Rippon, who had a broken skating boot the day before, attempted the quadruple lutz in competition. Although the quadruple lutz was under-rotated, he completed a triple flip, triple toe-loop which earned positive GOEs from the judging panel.

“I am really happy with how I skated. It would have taken a lot more than a broken boot for me not to compete here” Rippon said.

“I went for the quadruple lutz, I am proud of what I did, but I was a little bit hesitant. I have been training incredibly well. I want to go out and put out a solid long” Rippon said.