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Day 3 at the World Figure Skating Championships


The 2012 World Silver medalists, Volosozhar and Trankov (RUS), won the pairs free program and became the 2013 world champions. Volosozhar and Trankov, skated their free program to Violin Muse by Ikuko Kawai, and performed an exquisite throw triple twist and Volosozhar landed a huge throw triple loop. The team scored 149.87 that exceeded both their season best and personal best in the free program.

“After we finished our program, I said to Maxim, probably we are World Champions. These were the first worlds that we did all of our elements – the throws, everything with a plus. This was the result of our hard work. Right now I am more emotional about our skate than about winning. But obviously we are thrilled, after finishing twice we wanted to move out” Volosozhar said.

The team was ecstatic to win the world title a year before the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

“I cannot believe it yet that we have won. This means we can fight for gold in Sochi and get the gold model back for Russia” Trankov said.

Savchenko and Szolkowy (GER), who were third after the short, had the second best free program earning a score of 132.09. They captured the silver medal.  The team had mistakes on their side-by-side double toe-double toe sequence and double salchow. The team attempted a throw triple axel which received negative GOE’s from the judges for this element.

“Sometimes the pair elements work better, sometimes the single elements. Today it was the pair elements. After being third after the short, we wanted to attack, for sure. We did the throw triple Axel and that was the highlight of our performance today. It wasn’t clean, but for being at the very end of the program it was great. And we have a medal for sure. It is a nice ending to a tough season for us. We got silver with mistakes. It is another step towards Sochi” Szolkowy said.

The 2013 Four Continents champions, Duhamel and Radford (CAN), earned the bronze medal after a strong free program that earned a score of 130.95. This score surpassed their personal best and season best in the free program. Duhamel and Radford nailed their side-by-side triple lutzes and throw triple twist. The team’s only mistake came on their jump sequence.

“This performance was a bit of a fight for us near the end, but we did it. We fought very hard. We had our good moments and ok moments. Overall I am pleased. This is the highest we have scored internationally and it is very exciting” Duhamel said.


“This is an awesome accomplishment for us. We started off very strong. Unfortunately we didn’t end as strong as we would have hoped. The crowd was fantastic.  They really helped us. This is an experience that we will never forget” Radford said.

The team is excited that they will be considered contenders in Sochi.


Chan (CAN) successfully defended his world title despite having the second best free program score of 169.41. Chan, skating to La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini, nailed his quadruple toe, triple toe combination at the beginning of his program and a quadruple toe loop. He had trouble with his triple axel,  triple lutz and triple flip sequence.

“Some days you really have to work for it. It was a good beginning, two beautiful quads. The lutz scared me. I lost momentum. I feel good about the quads. I have to look to other jumps and the transitions. I am mad because I didn’t skate well for this audience” Chan said.

“I feel good and will enjoy this day and week. It’s where I want to be heading into Sochi. I am thankful for that beautiful short program. Maybe I’m saving the long for the Olympics” Chan added.

Ten (KAZ) won the free program with a score of 174.92 and earned the silver medal. He delivered a delightful performance to “The Artist” soundtrack. Ten nailed his quadruple toe, triple axel, triple toe and triple axel.

“It felt great and I am proud of myself. I never thought that I would finish the season this way. Of course it was a surprise for me to be second after the short program. I never expected this. My free program hasn’t gone well all season” Ten said.

“I am really happy. My dream came true. It’s the first medal for me, and more importantly for my country at Worlds. I’m realizing now that my whole country is proud of my little victory. It feels great and I would like to thank my coaches Frank Carroll and Lori Nichol for supporting me throughout this season” Ten added.

Fernandez (ESP) earned the bronze medal after earning a free skate score of 168.30. Fernandez, who was seventh after the short program, completed two clean quadruple jumps in his free program.

“Today’s program was a little bit of everything. I had a great start, but also made some mistakes. I had some good jumps and some bad jumps as well. It was a good program. It’s a very hard program technically with three quads. This puts a lot of pressure on the skater. I know I can do it, even though I didn’t do it today. But it’s the end of the season and I am tired so those mistakes can happen. It was a great season for me. I won many medals. It’s great to see how the work that you put into it actually starts to work” Fernandez said.

Hanyu (JPN), arguably one of the contenders for the title, had the third best free program and moved up from ninth after the short to finish fourth overall with a total competition score of 244.99.

“I am quite satisfied with my program. I put everything I am capable of at this important time into my program.” Hanyu said.

“After Four Continents I became ill and I missed 10 days of practice. Once I was better I trained too hard without Brian (Orser). I should have taken a slow start, but I trained too hard. I did quad toe and quad Salchow. So I injured my left knee (ligament injury), but I am pretty happy I did my best” Hanyu continued.


— Photos by Robin Ritoss

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