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Sawyer continues skating career

Shawn Sawyer, three-time Canadian Bronze Medalist, says he will continue his amateur skating career despite retirement rumors.

“My fans from around the world have told me they want to see more of me this season,” Sawyer told Skate Today. “This year I will continue competing internationally at Skate America and nationally but will focus more on engaging the crowd and performing for them. I’m going to add a lot of show elements into my competitive programs, minus the Surya Bonaly back flip.”

This year Sawyer will debut a new free skate program to Alice in Wonderland where he will portray the mad hatter.

“I’m excited to demonstrate my acting skills on the ice to portray this amazing character,” Sawyer shared. “I will be doing the choreography because I want all the moves to be self taught and the dynamic flow of the program will be very comfortable to my own personality.”

Along with his new free skate program, Sawyer says changes are coming to his coaching team.

“This season I am opening up my horizon to what else is out there and not to focus with just one coach and one training site. I can further enhance my skating techniques by working with a variety of individuals.”

But performing is what Sawyer loves to do. He has been wowing skating fans ever since appearing in Toller Cranston’s final tribute show in the late 1990s and his exhibition performance at the 2002 Canadian Nationals.

“I love to perform. I love showcasing my flexibility and moves not seen in competition,” Sawyer said. “I been very fortunate to have been asked to join the Canadian Stars On Ice tour for the past two seasons and I hope to be part of the tour for many more years.”

Over the past few years a lot of professional competitions, tours and shows have disappeared from the skating scene making it harder for skaters to have a long lasting professional career. Tours such as Celebration on Ice and Champions On Ice as well as competitions including World Team Challenge and IceWars have all disappeared.

“I wish there were more show opportunities out there,” Sawyer expressed. “Every show needs a back flip and my trademark spins.”

Outside of shows and competitions, Sawyer is eager to help out other skaters with their programs and choreography.

“I have always been very creative and want to share my style with other skaters,” Sawyer stated. “Right now I am helping a few skaters but would love to do more.”

Skating is not Sawyer’s only artistic strength. He spends a lot of time his time away from the rink painting.

“I have been painting a lot over the past few weeks. I am meeting with various art dealers and art management groups to see if they’ll take my work. I’m hoping to display my paintings on my web site soon but I am not sure when I will be able to sell them.”

Photos by Brett Barden

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