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Dube and Davison Return To Old Form To Defend National Title

In what was a brilliant afternoon of skating Jessica Dube, 22, and Bryce Davison, 23, rose to the occasion with a tender free skate to “The Way We Were” that was so outstanding — it left the audience with goose bumps. After returning to their comfort zone of romantic skates, Dube and Davison were magical and pulled off a near-perfect program that earned them their third National title.

“This is a competition that will go down in history,” Skate Canada officials stated over skatebug – a radio type device fans can purchase to hear commentary of the event. “They just put up a new Canadian record with that score,” the commentator added.

“I was really feeling the emotion of the program this time,” Dube explained about what she was thinking while sobbing in her partner arms at the end of the program.

As Dube and Davison took to the ice they knew this was a very close battle. They sat second by less than a point after yesterday’s short program. They knew there was no room for error. One by one they ticked off the elements, yet everything seemed so seamless.

They opened with a solid triple twist — the one they have struggled with all season. They were able to obtain a level two and earn positive GOE’s as well. Then came a double Axel + double Axel sequence, a lift then the triple Salchows – the jump Dube fell on in the short program. But today was a new day and she managed to complete the jump with ease.

The 2008 World bronze medalists hung on to a throw triple Lutz and then rocked a throw triple loop. They displayed exquisite spins and lifts all which earned positive GOE’s.

However, today’s program was not about the elements. It was about connection. It was about chemistry and telling a story. It was about the emotion they evoked from the crowd and they evoked from each other. The choreography, the story, the interpretation, and the presentation that’s what made the moment special.

Dube and Davison obliterated their personal best to claim their secpmd Olympic spot with a memorable performance which earned the duo a segment score of 135.40 points.

2008 Canadian Champions Annabelle Langlois and Cody Hay put out a strong skate to “Grand Canyon Suite,” but were unable to create the moment like they had in the short program. It was a good performance, but definitely not their best.

As in the short program the duo opted for the double twist, but executed it near-perfectly. They struggled on the side-by- side jumps, which probably cost them the championship. Their throw jumps were strong as were their spins and their lifts. All which were graded level four by the technical panel.

When Langlois teamed up with an inexperienced Hay in 2005, after her partnership ended with Patrice Archetto many thought Hay was an odd choice.

“I had known Cody for a very long time and I knew his personality. I could see his potential, and I thought it could be a fit.” Anabelle explained. “Then when David (Pelletier) saw us skate he told Cody he had to give up McDonalds because this girl is serious (about the sport). “

Today that seriousness turned into an Olympic berth.

Langlois has the experience of the Olympics in 2002 behind her where she finished twelfth, but will only advise Hay on what to expect.

Langlois and Hay picked up 117.95 points for their free program, but slid behind Dube and Davison with a total score of 183.42.

It was heartbreaking seeing the faces of newly crowned Canadian bronze medalists Meagan Duhamel and Craig Buntin who went out a skated a powerful program to “Piano Selections” by Pierre Porte. Clearly the best I have seen them skate this season, but with the stiff competition here in Canada the duo fell short of their Olympic dream.

“We have trained really hard, but at this point this was the best we could do,” Duhamel said fighting back tears.

“I just wish the best for the Canadian team, they are all wonderful skaters and I hope they do well in Vancouver. We will go to Four Continents and hope to kick-butt. ” Buntin added in a classy statement to the media.

Duhamel and Buntin have been on the Olympic trail since they paired up in June, 2007 winning their first Canadian medal – a bronze seven months later. This would have been Duhamel’s first crack at the Olympics, but for Buntin he experienced the games in 2006 with his previous partner Valerie Marcoux where they placed eleventh.

Dube and Davison and Langlois and Hay plan to return to their home rinks to train for the Olympics.

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