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German Pair Has Successful Season

Maylin Hausch and Daniel Wende

Maylin Hausch, 20, and Daniel Wende, 24, placed well during their first season together. The couple won the silver medal at German Nationals behind world champions Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy. They the placed ninth at the 2009 European Championships and 15th at the World Championships.

“Our long term goals are to skate at the Olympic Games and to win the German championship some time,” Wende said.

Wende started skating when he was seven. “My sister was a skater and I came to the rink with her,” he said. “After watching her, I wanted to skate too. I liked jumping.”

Hausch started to skate when she was four. “I was going to public skating with my mom and when I was falling I was crying,” she recalled. “Then mom decided to put me into a club so that I could learn how to skate and in the end I stayed.” She also tried gym wheel and rhythmic gymnastics.

In singles, Hausch placed as high as third at German Nationals in junior ladies, while Wende placed third in novice men.

She started skating pairs when she was 17, while he was a year older. Both skaters said that they started because it was more fun to skate together with somebody, but Wende added, “I wanted to try a new discipline and I saw that singles was not the way to go to big competitions.”

Hausch previously skated with Steffen Hormann, winning the German junior pairs championship in the 2005-06 season, but he quit after they had skated together for eight months.

Wende competed with Rebecca Handke for over five years. The couple won the German junior pairs title in the 2002-03 season and two silver medals in senior pairs at the German Nationals. They placed as high as sixth at Europeans in 2005. Wende then competed with Ekaterina Vasilieva, winning the bronze medal at German Nationals in 2007-08.

After the couple broke up, Wende began skating with Hausch in September 2008, but a ruptured ligament in his right foot limited their training. Wende only began jumping again in December 2008.

“We knew each other already for a couple years and we just contacted each other,” Hausch said. “Then we had a try-out at the end of August 2008 and we decided to skate together.”

Both of the skaters can do a triple Salchow and a triple toe loop, while Hausch can also land a triple loop. Hausch landed her first triple, a triple Salchow, when she was 12, while Wende landed his first triple jump, a triple toe loop, when he was 13.

In their 2008-09 short program, the couple did a throw triple Salchow and side-by-side double Salchows. Their long program included a throw double Axel and triple Salchow and side-by-side double Salchows and a double to-double toe combination.

The pair is now working on a throw triple Axel and a triple twist.

Karel Fajfr coaches the couple, who train primarily in Oberstdorf, Germany. They train on ice six days a week for three hours each day plus three hours off ice each week. Off ice training includes running, swimming, and cycling in the summer and cycling sometimes in the winter.

Frank Dehne choreographed their short program for 2008-09. They used “Black Machine” from the “Dance with Me” soundtrack and “Move to the Big Band” by Ben Liebrand.

Rostislav Sinitsyn choreographed their long program, skated to music from the soundtrack of “Alexander” by Vangelis.

“We were searching for a free program music for pretty long,” Hausch said, “One day Karel Fajfr said ‘What about Alexander from the movie?’ We listened to the CD and also asked Mr. Sinitsyn. We all liked it and decided to take it.”

“We like fast, dynamic, freaky music for the short and film or musical songs, emotional songs for the free,” Hausch added.

Off ice, Hausch likes meeting friends, shopping, and watching movies, especially horror and romantic action films. Wende enjoys watching soccer, meeting friends, and collecting Hard Rock Café T-shirts. She also likes snow and water skiing and cycling, while he enjoys playing soccer and cycling. Each of the skaters has two cats as pets.

Hausch is studying to be a bank business management assistant, while Wende has considered becoming a policeman after finishing skating. “Maybe I could work as a judge or technical specialist,” he added.

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