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It’s a Hay Day for Langlois and Hay

Anabelle Langlois did not believe her partner when he told her that they had won the Canadian pairs title. In fact, she said “no” so emphatically it put doubt in his mind, and he had to double check the monitor to make sure they had won, reported the new Canadian champions.

Anabelle had tears in her eyes when she realized it was true and Cody told the media that was almost worth more than winning the prestigious title.

“When I saw the excitement and relief on Anabelle’s face that was almost a bigger excitement for me,” shared Cody. “I am aware of the highs and lows of her previous partnership (with Patrice Archetto). This was a long time coming for Anabelle but not too long for me.” Cody said jokingly, “I took the express route.”

The 2007 Canadian bronze medalists skated a sassy short program to “Historia De Un Amor” by Perez Prado.

They opened with perfectly synched side-by-side triple toes, but then the pair collided on the triple twist lift that followed. The throw triple flip was rock-solid but Cody slipped on their straight line steps, dropping their footwork to a level one.

The fourth place finishers at 2007 Skate Canada International completed their short program with 62.73 points.

“We didn’t have the Grand Prix season we wanted,” Anabelle told the media. “We kept moving up but we had a lot of adjustments to make.”

In their free skate to Dr Zhivago by Maurice Jarre, the fifth place finishers at NHK exhibited an outstanding throw triple Salchow and then followed it up with steady side-by side triple toes.

The duo then ran into problems when they doubled and went hands down on a planned triple Salchow but recovered nicely with a throw triple flip. Annabelle and Cody delivered three strong level four lifts and spiral steps but managed only a level one on the Lutz triple twist.

“Coming off the ice I was a little frustrated with myself because I came here to do perfect and I didn’t do that,” said Anabelle.

The pair finished second in the free skate with 112.28 points however, ended the event in first place with an event total of 175.01 points, edging out Dube and Davison by .15 points.

Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison gave an error-prone program to “ Galicia Flemenca” by Gino D’auri earning a total of 54.32 points and finishing the short in fifth place.

It was a rough skate tonight,” said Davison. “That’s all I can say. We didn’t skate our best. We have been practicing well all week. We’ve just got to look forward to the free.”

The reigning Canadian champions had trouble with their side-by-side triple Salchows (which were downgraded) when Jessica doubled and Bryce stumbled. She also fell on a throw triple loop and then Bryce stumbled on the straight line steps dropping the sequence to level one.

“I usually land (the throw) with no problem, so I have no idea what happened there,” Dube said disappointedly.

“We can still make it,” added Davison. “There’s still room for us to come up. We’re going to need to skate really well but we’re still confident. We will focus on making the world team and not regaining our title, at this point. ”

The Quebec based duo recouped overnight with a moving performance to “The Blower’s Daughter” by Damien Rice.

Their free skate was charming and earned the reigning national champion’s 120.54 points – a new personal best.

Despite a fall on the recently added throw triple Lutz, the duo delivered strong elements (double twist, double Axel + double Axel sequence, side-by side triple Salchows, and a throw triple loop) and skated with tenderness and passion. Their lifts were superb and the footwork intricate.

“We were really confident and even coming here this week, all our practices were good.”

The couple received an overall personal best score of 174.86 and captured the silver medal.

“We were happy winning the free program after a short like that,” said Davison. “It shows what we’re really made of, and I think we’re going to learn more from this than going out and having two clean performances. It’s going to help us grow as a team and that’s the way we’re looking at it right now.”

The newly formed team of Meagan Duhamel and Craig Buntin have only been together for a short seven months, however, the chemistry and unison between this team is already evident.

Buntin who was 2006 World bronze medalist Valerie Marcoux (who retired) paired up with Duhamel last June. Duhamel a strong single’s skater in her own right, also came equipped with strong pair skills; as she skated pairs with Ryan Arnold finishing eighth at the World Junior Championships in 2006.

Duhamel packed up her things and moved to Quebec after one try-out with Buntin. The pair currently trains at Saint-Leonard with Mannon Perron and Richard Gauthier. The couple gelled quickly and earned a silver medal at their first international competition – the Nebelhorn Trophy in late September.

Their powerful short program to “The Best Latin Tango” was exquisite and their elements superb.

“What you see right now is just a shadow of what we’re going to be. Even tonight wasn’t as good as we can be. It was very good, and we’re happy to come out at our first national championships like that. However, we have a lot of potential. We’ve worked so hard and just being here is an accomplishment in itself,” Buntin stated emphatically.

They opened with a high double twist followed by perfectly synched triple toes. They highlighted their program with well-timed level four spins, solid level three steps and a gorgeous Axel lasso lift with a unique dismount they call the helicopter.

The jam-packed program which was only marred by a hand down on the throw triple flip earned the duo a short program total of 61.48 points – a new personal best.

“We’ve put in 14 months of work in the past seven months,” Buntin told the media.

Skating to “Tosca” the couple skated with passion and conviction and were rock-solid on their triple toe/double toe combination, throw triple loop and throw triple Lutz.

Only managing marred double Salchows and a level one pair spin, they dropped one spot with a free program worth 108.80 points. Meagan and Craig captured the bronze medal with an overall score of 170.28 points.

“It’s been like an unbelievable journey,” Duhamel shared. “I’ve had a really bad run of Canadian championships, so this feels really good.”

The brother sister team of Kyra Moskovitch, 14, and Dylan Moskovitch, 23, gave a performance that shouted “hey watch out for us.”

Their high-energy short program to “ Bei Mir Bist Du Schon” and “ Jumpin’ At The Woodside” from Swing kids was flawless and opened with perfectly timed triple toes then followed with a high-flying throw triple flip.

The duo earned a level four on their pair combination spin and level three on their Axel lasso lift, backward inside death spiral and perfectly synched flying change foot combination spin.

However, the double twist and straight line steps were a mere level two leaving the Ontario based duo in third after the short program.

Coached by Kristy and Kris Wirtz the 2006 National Junior Gold Medalists skated a stunning free program choreographed by David Wilson to the music “ Sheherazade” by Rimsky Korsakov.

The seventh placed team at last year’s senior championship displayed matched lines and perfectly tuned elements.

Opening with a gorgeous lateral triple twist, double Axel/double toe and near perfect triple toe’s, the pair seemed to struggle on their Axel lasso lift for which they received a level one.

The audience became excited when the duo executed a beautiful toe lasso to carry lift but the couple received zero points because they failed to complete the required two revolutions.

The throw triple flip was outstanding as was their perfectly matched flying change foot combination spin which earned a plus two GOE from six of the eight judges. They earned 103.75 points for their free skate and finished the competition in fourth spot with a personal best score of 160.76 points.

Rachel Kirkland and Eric Bradford rallied from a disappointing short program where they placed eighth with 50.46 points.

The duo who train along side World bronze medalists Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy, of Germany, earned a new personal best score of 106.60 in their free skate to “X” Medley by Naoki Sato.

Their jam-packed program was choreographed by David Wilson and Ingo Steuer.

The fifth place finishers at last year’s Canadians produced a technically demanding program which was highlighted by a level three twist lift, triple Salchow, a throw triple Salchow and a double loop/ double toe combination.

The couple earned a free skate score of 106.60 and a competition total of 157.06 and pulled themselves up from eighth to fifth place.

After falling on the attempt of a quad Salchow Jessica Miller and Ian Moram slipped to sixth place with an event total of 153.92 points.

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