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Addison Dynamic in Junior Ladies Short Program

Rebecca Addison, 16, took to the ice with conviction during her short program to “Les Parapluies de Cherbourg” by Michel Legrand.

The Torontonian wore her emotions on her sleeve as she flew across the ice to setup for a light and airy triple Salchow/ double toe combination. She doubled her loop, but her double Axel was gorgeous.

Her layback spin traveled, but she was steady-as-a-rock on her level three spiral steps and level three change foot combination spin.

Coached by Ellen Burka at the Granite Club, the 2007 Novice silver medalist wrapped up with an outstanding level four change foot combination spin and earned a segment score of 43.41 points.

Kelsey McNeil, of New Brunswick, danced her way to second place with a segment score of 43.33 points.

The fifteen-year-old flowed across the ice and maintained good expression throughout her program to “I Could Have Danced All Night” by Yo-Yo-Ma.

The seventh place finisher at last year’s novice event opened with a level four flying sit spin then followed with a triple toe/ double toe combination. The fifteen-year-old delivered a solid double Axel and followed with a double loop.

The fifth place finisher, at the 2007 Merano Cup, had a strong finish exhibiting a level four spiral step sequence, level three straight line steps and a fabulous level four change foot combination spin.

In third place with 42.75 point is Vanessa Grenier of Johnsville, Quebec. The fifteen-year-old gathered the most technical points (25.95) but lacked the presentation of those above her.

The 2007 Novice bronze medalist delivered difficult spins and high level steps, but struggled on her triple Salchow/ double toe combination in her skate to “The Way Old Friends Do” from the Electrik album. Her double Axel was solid as was her double loop.

Nipping at her heels is pair’s skater Amanda Velenosi who currently sits in fourth place with a segment score of 42.63 points. Amanda delivered a lyrical short program landing a gorgeous double Axel with a spiral entrance.

The fifteen-year-old struggled landing bent over on her triple toe/double toe combination and her change foot combination spin traveled.

Her flying sit spin and straight line steps were level one, but the youngster from Laval, Quebec ended on a high note with a lovely level three layback spin.

The event continues Friday morning with the ladies free skate.

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