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Barrie Pair Start Out Strong in Vancouver

Monica Pisotta, 16, and Michael Stewart, 20, took the early lead and will enter Thursday’s free skate in first place with 46.62 points.

The duo who train at the Mariposa School of Skating in Barrie, Ontario, skated a strong program to the music “Fire and Ice” by Mortazavi Bijan.

The pair opened with a solid double twist (level two), and followed with nice double Axels and a well-done throw triple toe.

The couple who finished fourth at this event last season received a level three on their flying combination spin and their toe lasso lift, but only managed a level one on their inter-twining straight line steps and backward inside death spiral.

They were awarded a level four for their final pair combination spin which displayed nice positions but seemed a bit slow.

While the team gathered the most technical points in the competition, their component scores were just behind second place finishers Paige Lawrence and Rudi Swiegers (17.44/17.84).

Sitting in the second spot with 44.91 points, Paige Lawrence,17, and Rudi Swiegers, 20, skated an elegant program to “The Mission and Inadagine Su Un Cittadino Al” by Emnio Morricone.

The duo who have been skating together since 2005, opened with a double twist (level one), but then fell on the following double Axel. They regrouped quickly executing a level three toe lasso lift and a big throw triple toe.

The pair lost unison on their side-by-side flying change foot combination spin (level four) and had problems on their level one backward inside death spiral as well.

They maintained speed throughout and finished strong with a level three mirror straight line step sequence and an outstanding pair combination spin.

A mere 0.71 points behind Christi Anne Steele, 16, and Adam Johnson, 19, are still in the mix with 44.20 points. The duo skated aggressively in their “Assasin’s Tango” program from the Mr. and Mrs. Smith Soundtrack.

They opened with an impressive level three double Lutz twist but then managed only a double Lutz and a throw double toe. Their change foot combination spin was judged a level four as was their pair combination spin.

The couple exhibited a gorgeous level three toe lasso lift and a level three backward inside spiral which nearly touched the ice.

Finishing fifth at this event last season, Christi and Adam who are from Chatham Ontario, train under Alison Purkiss and Scott Rachuk at the Competitive Skating Centre of Strathroy.

A hair behind with 44.19 points is Lake Placid Junior Grand Prix Champions, Olivia Jones, 14, and Donald Jackson, 21, performed a jazzy program to “Rich Man’s Frog” by Bob Fosse.

The duo who train in Saint-Leonard, Quebec, skated conservatively opening with a double twist (level two), struggled with their double Axel and then attempted only a throw double toe. They were out-of-synch on their level four flying change foot combination spin and received only a level one on their straight line steps.

They finished strong with a nicely executed level two backward inside death spiral with a shoot the duck entrance, and a level four pair combination spin.

In fifth place with 43.17 points, Sara Jones, 12, and Jeremy Sandor, 18, gave a sassy presentation to “Capone” by Roman Hardiman.

Sara is younger sister to fellow skater, Olivia Jones, who sits 1.02 above. According to Donald’s mother, “the girl’s compete with one another not against one another.”

Sara and Jeremy were second at junior nationals last season and have been skating together since 2006.

The junior pairs free skate will wrap up on Thursday afternoon.

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