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Moscovitch Makes Mark in Men’s and Pairs

Dylan Moscovitch

Dylan Moscovitch likes the national podium in Canada. The 20-year-old from Toronto has been there three times in the past two years. In 2004, he finished second to teammate Eric Radford in junior men. In pairs, he and his sister, Kyra won the pre-novice gold in 2004 and the novice title at Junior Canadians in 2005.

Moscovitch finished 14th in his first season as a senior after finishing second in junior men last year. In junior internationals during the 2004-05 season, he won the bronze at the 2004 Triglav Trophy. Previously, he had placed tenth at the 2002 ISU Junior Grand Prix in Chemnitz, Germany and ninth at the 2003 SBC Cup.

He started skating pairs with 11-year-old Kyra just two years ago. “It kind of just came about,” Moscovitch said. “We started just for fun and it kept going. It’s a nice change. It gives me a different thing to focus on. There’s a shared responsibility and companionship.”

The 20-year-old started in the sport at a very early age. “My parents took me skating for the very first time when I was 13 months old,” he said. “They wanted to carry me on the ice, but they couldn’t so I had to wear skates.” By the time he was thirteen, he had mastered a triple salchow. Now he’s up to trying the quadruple salchow and quadruple toe loop. Moscovitch has also tried three jump combinations in competition, including triple loop-double toe-double loop and double axel-double salchow-triple toe. This summer, he’s working on triple-triple combinations and perfecting his triple axel.

Paul Wirtz has always been Moscovitch’s coach. He trains at the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club for two to three hours a day on ice for both singles and pairs, six days a week and spends another few hours in daily off ice training. After each competition, Wirtz reviews the results from the Code of Points judging system to upgrade Moscovitch’s programs. “We’re always counting points in the program and trying to get the maximum levels on transitions, footwork, and spins,” Moscovitch noted.

Steven Belanger and Rosella Sousanna choreographed his 2004-05 programs. He used “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” from the “Kill Bill” soundtrack for the short and “Son of Neck Bone” by the Beastie Boys and “Armageddon” for the long. “I normally change one program each year,” Moscovitch said. “But I kept the long for two years. I felt it hadn’t reached its full potential. I thought there was more distance I could take it. Next year, I’ll change it for sure.”

“Steve and I usually listen and collaborate on music,” he continued. “Originally. We picked ‘Armageddon’ for the long music because it was musically very powerful and uplifting. It has a melody that carries you. The short is very upbeat and funky music. I remembered it from the movie. I spend a lot of time skating to soundtracks because I can get into a role.” Off ice, he listens to all kinds of music from alternative rock to techno. He used to play the violin and has dabbled with the piano.

Moscovitch loves sports. He played baseball, basketball, volleyball and hockey when he was younger, playing defense on a select team in hockey for 7-8 years. He plays intramural dodge ball once a week with guys from the rink and likes to ski and snowboard on occasion in the winter. In the summer, he also cycles. He trains in kung fu almost every day and took karate when he was younger, studying with Elvis Stojko’s teacher. He also collects martial arts weapons and samurai swords.

To relax, he enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, and watching movies. Although he said he’ll watch anything, he especially likes comedies and action films. He doesn’t watch much television or play video games. “It’s too easy to get addicted and waste too much time,” he said. He enjoys traveling, especially to places outside of cities. Japan was his favorite destination so far. “I’d like to go everywhere, time permitting,” he said, “nut I really want to see Australia and South America.”

Moscovitch is finishing high school and hopes to go to university to study engineering or sports management. “My Dad has an engineering firm and I work with him sometimes,” he said. For now, he’s concentrating on skating. “I hope to get into the top ten in senior men next year,” he said. “For pairs, we’d like to get to the top in juniors.” Moscovitch plans to compete at least until 2010 and maybe longer.

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