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Canada’s Young Stays Close to Top

Nicholas Young

Canada’s Nicholas Young has big aspirations for the 2004-2005 season. He said his goals are to “medal at every competition I do and long term to medal at Worlds and the Olympics.” The 2000 Canadian junior men’s champion made the senior international team for the second straight year by finishing fifth at the 2004 Canadian Nationals. He was also fifth in 2003 and finished seventh in both 2001 and 2002. Last season, he also won the Nebelhorn Trophy, took the bronze at the Karl Schaefer Memorial in Vienna, finished fourth at the World University Games and placed seventh at the Cup of China, his first senior Grand Prix event. This season, Young finished seventh at Skate America and sixth at the NHK Trophy in Japan.

Young started skating when he was about five. “I started skating so I could play hockey,” he said. “My dad played hockey. I didn’t start actual figure skating until I was nine.” As a result, he was 16 before he landed a clean triple, but then he landed all of them except the axel the same year. But no jump is his favorite. “I don’t care what jump it is,” he said. “I like them all. Each jump has it challenges but finding a common ground with each, makes it a lot easier to jump.”

He moved on to trying quadruple jumps when he was 17. “I’ve tried quad salchow, toe, flip and lutz,” he said. “I’ve landed a toe. I have also landed a lutz but tore my thumb ligament when I had an accident landing it last summer. So I trained with a bright orange cast for three weeks and got it taken off two days before Minto. What made things worse is that I was throwing the opening pitch at an Ottawa Lynx’s game after Minto for Skate Canada Day at the ball park.”

Young enjoys sports. He participated in soccer, baseball, tae kwon do, and swimming and ran cross country in school. He’s still involved in other sports, noting, “I play the odd pick up hockey game in the winter and shoot some hoops and some soccer from time to time.” He also likes car racing, snowboarding, rollerblading, shooting pool and playing golf.

Other off ice interests include going out with friends and watching comedy and action movies. He said he’ll read “anything that catches my eye.” He doesn’t have any collections but does have one dog, a Pomeranian named JT Kool. Young also said, “I love traveling. I can’t really say that one place was better than another, but I can tell that each adventure I’ve had in each country was worth it.” He hopes to see Hawaii and Australia.

The talented 21-year-old has trained with Josee Normand And Sebastien Britten for the last year. He works for about three to four hours on ice every day and puts in another eight hours of off ice work weekly.

Last season, Young used his martial arts moves in his programs as he skated to Duel by Bond for the short and Kodo and Cherry Blossom by Hugo Chouinard for the long. This year, Young will debut two new programs. Britten choreographed his short program to Dueling Banjos and Help, Help, while David Wilson choreographed his long program to the soundtrack of Peter Gunn with music by Henry Mancini.

Young doesn’t have any particular process for choosing his music for each season. “Usually it happens by accident,” he said, “but this year there were suggestions by my coaches that I accepted. I’ll skate to anything as long as I like it and can connect to it.” As for off ice music, he said, “I like everything but mostly listen to hip-hop right now but that could change at any moment.”

Although Young hasn’t decided on a future career, he’s currently studying political science at Concordia University. For now, he’s just enjoying his chosen sport. “I like skating because when I’m doing it, nothing else matters,” he said. “It’s just me and the ice. It’s a very peaceful experience.

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